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Rules About the Sabbath

35 Moses ·gathered [assembled] all the ·Israelite community [congregation/assembly of the sons/T children of Israel] together and said to them, “·These are the things [L This is the word/thing] the Lord has commanded you to do. You are to work for six days, but the seventh day will be a holy ·day [Sabbath], a Sabbath of rest to honor the Lord. Anyone who works on that day must be put to death. On the Sabbath day you must not ·light [burn] a fire in any of your ·houses [dwellings].”

Moses said to all the ·Israelites [community/congregation/assembly of the sons/T children of Israel], “This is ·what [L the word/thing] the Lord has commanded: From what you have, take ·an offering [tribute] for the Lord. Let everyone ·who is willing [whose heart moves them] bring this ·offering [tribute] to the Lord: gold, silver, bronze, blue, purple and ·red [scarlet] thread, and fine linen, goat hair and male sheepskins that are colored red. They may also bring ·fine leather [or sea cow/porpoise hides], acacia wood, olive oil for the lamps, spices for the special olive oil used for ·appointing priests [anointing] and for the sweet-smelling incense, onyx stones, and other jewels to be put on the ·holy vest [ephod; 28:6–14] and ·chest covering of the priests [breastpiece; 28:15–30].

10 “Let all the ·skilled workers [L wise of heart/mind] come and make everything the Lord commanded: 11 the ·Holy Tent [Tabernacle], its outer tent and its covering, the ·hooks [clasps], frames, crossbars, ·posts [pillars], and bases; 12 the ·Ark of the Agreement [L Ark; 25:10], its poles, ·lid [mercy seat; atonement cover; 25:17–22], and the curtain ·in front of it [L for the screen]; 13 the table [25:23–30], and its poles, all ·the things that go with the table [L its tools/utensils], and the ·bread that shows we are in God’s presence [L Bread of the Presence]; 14 the ·lampstand [L Menorah; 25:31–40] for the light and all ·the things that go with it [its tools/utensils], the lamps, and olive oil for the light; 15 the altar of incense [30:1–6] and its poles, the ·special [L anointing] oil and the sweet-smelling incense, the ·curtain [L screen for the entrance,] for the entrance of the Meeting Tent; 16 the altar of burnt offering and its bronze ·screen [grating], its poles and all its ·tools [utensils], the bronze bowl and its base [30:17–21]; 17 the curtains around the courtyard, their ·posts [pillars] and bases, and the ·curtain [screen] at the ·entry [L gate] to the courtyard; 18 the pegs of the ·Holy Tent [Tabernacle] and of the courtyard and their ropes; 19 the ·special [elaborately sewn] clothes that the priest will wear in the Holy Place [28:1–43]. These are the holy clothes for Aaron the priest and his sons to wear when they ·serve [minister] as priests.”

20 Then all the ·people [L community; congregation; assembly] of ·Israel [L the sons/T children of Israel] went ·away [out] from Moses. 21 Everyone ·who wanted to give [L whose heart was favorable and whose spirit was willing] came and brought a ·gift [offering] to the Lord for making the Meeting Tent, all ·the things in the Tent [its service], and the ·special [L holy; sacred] clothes. 22 All the men and women who wanted to give brought gold jewelry of all kinds—pins, earrings, rings, and bracelets. They all ·presented their [L waved a wave offering of] gold to the Lord. 23 Everyone who had blue, purple, and ·red [scarlet] thread, and fine linen, and anyone who had goat hair or male ·sheepskins [ramskins] colored red or ·fine leather [or sea cow/porpoise hides] brought them to the Lord. 24 Everyone who could give silver or bronze brought that as a ·gift [offering] to the Lord, and everyone who had acacia wood to be used in the work brought it. 25 Every ·skilled woman [L wise of heart/mind] used her hands to ·make [L spin] the blue, purple, and ·red [scarlet] thread, and fine linen, and they brought what they had ·made [L spun]. 26 All the women who were ·skilled [wise] and ·wanted to help [L whose hearts were favorable] ·made thread of [L spun] the goat hair. 27 The leaders brought onyx stones and other jewels ·to put on the holy vest [L for the ephod; 28:6–14] and ·chest covering for the priest [breastpiece; 28:15–28]. 28 They also brought spices and olive oil for the sweet-smelling incense, the ·special [L anointing] oil, and the oil to burn in the lamps. 29 All the men and women of Israel ·who wanted [L whose hearts were favorable] to help brought ·gifts [L a free will offering] to the Lord for all the work the Lord had commanded Moses and the people to do.

30 Then Moses said to the Israelites, “Look, the Lord has ·chosen [L called by name] Bezalel son of Uri the son of Hur, from the tribe of Judah. 31 The Lord has filled Bezalel with the ·Spirit [or spirit] of God and has given him the ·skill [wisdom], ability, and knowledge to do all kinds of work. 32 He is able to ·design [plan] pieces to be made of gold, silver, and bronze, 33 to cut stones and jewels and put them in metal, to ·carve [engrave] wood, and to do all kinds of work. 34 Also, the Lord has ·given [L placed in the heart of] Bezalel and Oholiab, the son of Ahisamach from the tribe of Dan, the ·ability [or desire] to teach others. 35 The Lord has ·given them [L filled them with] the skill to do all kinds of work. They are able to ·cut [engrave] designs in metal and stone. They can plan and ·sew designs [embroider] in the fine linen with the blue, purple, and ·red [scarlet] thread. And they are alsoable to weave things.