The Veil and Curtain

31 “You shall also make (A)a veil of violet, purple, and scarlet material, and fine twisted linen; it shall be made with cherubim, the work of a skilled embroiderer. 32 Then you shall [a]hang it on four pillars of acacia overlaid with gold, their hooks also of gold, on four bases of silver. 33 You shall [b]hang up the veil under the clasps, and bring in (B)the ark of the testimony there within the veil; and the veil shall [c]serve as a partition for you (C)between the Holy Place and the Most Holy Place. 34 (D)You shall put the [d]atoning cover on the ark of the testimony in the Most Holy Place.

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  1. Exodus 26:32 Lit put
  2. Exodus 26:33 Lit put
  3. Exodus 26:33 Lit separate for you between
  4. Exodus 26:34 Also called mercy seat; i.e., where blood was sprinkled on the Day of Atonement

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