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Exodus 21:7-11American Standard Version (ASV)

And if a man sell his daughter to be a [a]maid-servant, she shall not go out as the men-servants do. If she please not her master, [b]who hath espoused her to himself, then shall he let her be redeemed: to sell her unto a foreign people he shall have no power, seeing he hath dealt deceitfully with her. And if he espouse her unto his son, he shall deal with her after the manner of daughters. 10 If he take him another wife; her [c]food, her raiment, and her duty of marriage, shall he not diminish. 11 And if he do not these three things unto her, then shall she go out for nothing, without money.


  1. Exodus 21:7 Or, bondwoman
  2. Exodus 21:8 Another reading is, so that he hath not espoused her
  3. Exodus 21:10 Hebrew flesh.

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