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23 At three times[a] in the year all your men[b] must appear before the Sovereign Lord,[c] the God of Israel.

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  1. Exodus 34:23 tn “Three times” is an adverbial accusative.
  2. Exodus 34:23 tn Heb “all your males.”
  3. Exodus 34:23 tn Here the divine name reads in Hebrew הָאָדֹן יְהוָה (haʾadon yehvah), which if rendered according to the traditional scheme of “Lord” for “Yahweh” would result in “Lord Lord.” A number of English versions render this phrase “Lord God.” sn The title “Lord” translated as Sovereign is included here before the divine name (translated “Lord” here), perhaps to form a contrast with Baal (which means “lord” as well) and to show the sovereignty of Yahweh. But the distinct designation “the God of Israel” is certainly the point of the renewed covenant relationship.