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23 He said to them, “This is what the Lord has said: ‘Tomorrow is a time of cessation from work,[a] a holy Sabbath[b] to the Lord. Whatever you want to[c] bake, bake today;[d] whatever you want to boil, boil today; whatever is left put aside for yourselves to be kept until morning.’”

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  1. Exodus 16:23 tn The noun שַׁבָּתוֹן (shabbaton) has the abstract ending on it: “resting, ceasing.” The root word means “cease” from something, more than “to rest.” The Law would make it clear that they were to cease from their normal occupations and do no common work.
  2. Exodus 16:23 tn The technical expression is now used: שַׁבַּת־קֹדֶשׁ (shabbat qodesh, “a holy Sabbath”) meaning a “cessation of/for holiness” for Yahweh. The rest was to be characterized by holiness.
  3. Exodus 16:23 tn The two verbs in these objective noun clauses are desiderative imperfects—“bake whatever you want to bake.”
  4. Exodus 16:23 tn The word “today” is implied from the context.