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11 “And when the Lord ·takes [brings] you into the land of the Canaanites, the land he promised to give you and your ancestors [Gen. 12:1–3], 12 you must ·give him [L turn over to the Lord] ·every firstborn male [L all that first opens the womb]. Also every firstborn male animal must be given to the Lord. 13 ·Buy back [Redeem; Ransom] every firstborn donkey by offering a lamb. But if you don’t want to ·buy the donkey back [redeem/ransom it], then break its neck. You must ·buy back from the Lord [redeem; ransom] every firstborn of your sons.

14 “·From now on [In the future; L Tomorrow] when your son asks you, ‘What does this mean?’ you will answer, ‘With his ·great power [strong hand], the Lord brought us out from Egypt, ·the land where we were slaves [L from the house of bondage]. 15 ·The king of Egypt [L Pharaoh] was stubborn and refused to let us leave. But the Lord killed every firstborn male in Egypt, both human and animal. That is why I sacrifice ·every firstborn male animal [L every male that first opens the womb] to the Lord, and that is why I ·buy back [redeem; ransom] each of my firstborn sons from the Lord.’ 16 This feast is like a ·mark [sign] on your hand and a ·reminder [phylactery; C later a leather box containing Scripture worn on arm and forehead, though here perhaps figurative] ·on your forehead [L between your eyes] to help you remember that the Lord brought us out of Egypt with his ·great power [L mighty hand].”

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