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· ho Children teknon, obey hypakouō · ho your hymeis parents goneus in en the Lord kyrios, for gar this houtos is eimi right dikaios. Honor timaō · ho your sy father patēr and kai · ho mother mētēr”— which hostis is eimi the first prōtos commandment entolē with en a promise epangelia that hina it may go ginomai well with you sy and kai that you may live eimi in epi the ho land for a long makrochronios time .” And kai · ho fathers patēr, do not provoke parorgizō · ho your hymeis children teknon to anger , but alla raise ektrephō them autos up in en the discipline paideia and kai admonition nouthesia of the Lord kyrios.

· ho Slaves, obey hypakouō your ho earthly kata sarx masters kyrios with meta fear phobos and kai trembling tromos, with en sincerity haplotēs of ho your hymeis heart kardia, as hōs though obeying · ho Christ Christos, not by way of kata eye-service ophthalmodoulia, as hōs people-pleasers anthrōpareskos, but alla as hōs slaves of Christ Christos doing poieō the ho will thelēma of ho God theos from ek the heart psychē, serving douleuō with meta enthusiasm eunoia as hōs though serving the ho Lord kyrios and kai not ou men anthrōpos, knowing oida that hoti each hekastos person , if ean he does poieō something tis good agathos, will be repaid komizō by para the Lord kyrios for this houtos, whether eite he is a slave or eite free eleutheros. And kai · ho masters kyrios, do poieō the ho same autos to pros them autos, giving up the use aniēmi of · ho threats apeilē, knowing oida that hoti the ho one who is both kai their autos master kyrios and kai yours hymeis is eimi in en heaven ouranos, and kai that there is eimi no ou favoritism prosōpolēmpsia with para him autos.

10 · ho Finally loipos, grow strong endynamoō in en the Lord kyrios and kai in en the ho strength kratos of ho his autos power ischus. 11 Put on endyō the ho full armor panoplia of ho God theos, so that pros you hymeis may be able dynamai to stand histēmi against pros the ho schemes methodeia of the ho devil diabolos; 12 for hoti our hēmeis struggle palē is eimi not ou · ho against pros flesh sarx and kai blood haima, but alla against pros the ho rulers archē, against pros the ho authorities exousia, against pros the ho world kosmokratōr rulers of ho this houtos darkness skotos, against pros the ho spiritual pneumatikos forces of ho evil ponēria in en the ho heavenly epouranios realms . 13 Therefore dia houtos take up analambanō the ho full armor panoplia of ho God theos, so that hina you may be able dynamai to stand anthistēmi your ground on en the ho evil ponēros day hēmera, · ho and kai having done katergazomai everything hapas, to stand histēmi. 14 Stand histēmi therefore oun, by girding perizōnnymi · ho your hymeis waist osphys with en truth alētheia, · kai by putting endyō on the ho breastplate thōrax of ho righteousness dikaiosynē, 15 · kai by fitting hypodeō your ho feet pous with en the readiness hetoimasia of the ho gospel euangelion of ho peace eirēnē; 16 and besides en all pas these , by taking analambanō up the ho shield thureos of ho faith pistis, with en which hos you will be able dynamai to extinguish sbennymi all pas the ho flaming pyroō arrows belos of the ho evil ponēros one . · ho 17 And kai take dechomai the ho helmet perikephalaia of ho salvation, and kai the ho sword machaira of the ho Spirit pneuma, which hos is eimi the word rhēma of God theos. 18 By means of dia all pas prayer proseuchē and kai petition deēsis, pray proseuchomai at en every pas time kairos in en the Spirit pneuma, and kai to eis this autos end keep alert agrypneō with en all pas perseverance proskarterēsis and kai petition deēsis for peri all pas the ho saints hagios, 19 and kai for hyper me egō, that hina when en I open anoixis my egō mouth stoma the word logos will be given didōmi to me egō · ho—that with en boldness parrēsia I will make known gnōrizō the ho mystery mystērion of the ho gospel euangelion, 20 for hyper which hos I am an ambassador presbeuō in en chains halysis. Pray that hina I may declare it autos boldly parrēsiazomai, as hōs I egō ought dei to speak laleō.

21 Now de in order that hina you hymeis also kai may know oida my egō circumstances ho kata, how tis I am doing prassō, Tychicus Tychikos, a dear agapētos brother adelphos and kai faithful pistos servant diakonos in en the Lord kyrios, will tell gnōrizō you hymeis everything pas. · ho 22 I am sending pempō him hos to pros you hymeis for eis this houtos very autos purpose, that hina you may know ginōskō how ho peri we hēmeis are, and kai that he may encourage parakaleō · ho your hymeis hearts kardia. 23 Peace eirēnē be to the ho brothers adelphos, and kai love agapē with meta faith pistis, from apo God theos the Father patēr and kai the Lord kyrios Jesus Iēsous Christ Christos. 24 · ho Grace charis be with meta all pas who ho love agapaō · ho our hēmeis Lord kyrios Jesus Iēsous Christ Christos, with love incorruptible aphtharsia.

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