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Ephesians 3 New Life Version (NLV)

I, Paul, am in prison because I am a missionary for Jesus Christ to you who are not Jews. I am sure you have heard that God trusted me with His loving-favor. I wrote a little about this to you before. In a special way, God showed me His secret plan. When you read this, you will understand how I know about the things that are not easy to understand about Christ. Long ago men did not know these things. But now they have been shown to His missionaries and to the early preachers by the Holy Spirit. Let me tell you that the Good News is for the people who are not Jews also. They are able to have life that lasts forever. They are to be a part of His church and family, together with the Jews. And together they are to receive all that God has promised through Christ.

God asked me to preach this Good News. He gave me the gift of His loving-favor. He gave me His power to preach it. Of all those who belong to Christ, I am the least important. But this loving-favor was given to me to preach to the people who are not Jews. I was to tell them of the great riches in Christ which do not come to an end. I was to make all men understand the meaning of this secret. God kept this secret to Himself from the beginning of the world. And He is the One Who made all things. 10 This was done so the great wisdom of God might be shown now to the leaders and powers in the heavenly places. It is being done through the church. 11 This was the plan God had for all time. He did this through Christ Jesus our Lord. 12 We can come to God without fear because we have put our trust in Christ. 13 So I ask you not to lose heart because of my suffering for you. It is to help you.

Paul’s Prayer for the Church

14 For this reason, I bow my knees and pray to the Father. 15 It is from Him that every family in heaven and on earth has its name. 16 I pray that because of the riches of His shining-greatness, He will make you strong with power in your hearts through the Holy Spirit. 17 I pray that Christ may live in your hearts by faith. I pray that you will be filled with love. 18 I pray that you will be able to understand how wide and how long and how high and how deep His love is. 19 I pray that you will know the love of Christ. His love goes beyond anything we can understand. I pray that you will be filled with God Himself.

20 God is able to do much more than we ask or think through His power working in us. 21 May we see His shining-greatness in the church. May all people in all time honor Christ Jesus. Let it be so.

New Life Version (NLV)

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