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And kai you hymeis were eimi dead nekros by reason of ho your hymeis trespasses paraptōma and kai · ho sins hamartia, in en which hos you once pote lived peripateō according kata to the ho course aiōn of ho this houtos world kosmos, according kata to the ho ruler archōn of ho the realm exousia of the ho air aēr, of the ho spirit pneuma that ho is now nyn energizing energeō en the ho sons hyios of ho disobedience apeitheia. Among en them hos we hēmeis also kai all pas once pote lived anastrephō in en the ho passions epithumia of ho our hēmeis flesh sarx, gratifying poieō the ho desires thelēma and kai impulses dianoia of the ho flesh sarx, · ho and kai were eimi by nature physis children teknon of wrath orgē, just kai like hōs · ho everyone else loipos. · ho But de God theos, being eimi rich plousios in en mercy eleos, because dia of · ho his autos great polys love agapē with which hos he loved agapaō us hēmeis, even kai though we hēmeis were eimi dead nekros in our ho trespasses paraptōma, made us alive together syzōopoieō with · ho Christ Christos by grace charis you have been eimi saved sōzō and kai raised synegeirō us up with him and kai seated synkathizō us with him in en the ho heavenly epouranios places in en Christ Christos Jesus Iēsous, to hina demonstrate endeiknymi in en the ho ages aiōn · ho to come eperchomai the ho incomparable hyperballō riches ploutos of ho his autos grace charis in en kindness chrēstotēs to epi us hēmeis in en Christ Christos Jesus Iēsous. For gar by ho grace charis you have been eimi saved sōzō through dia faith pistis, and kai this houtos is not ou of ek yourselves hymeis, it is the ho gift dōron of God theos; it is not ou of ek works ergon, so that hina no one tis may boast kauchaomai. 10 For gar we are eimi his autos work poiēma, created ktizō in en Christ Christos Jesus Iēsous for epi good agathos works ergon, which hos God theos prepared in advance proetoimazō · ho that hina we should do peripateō them autos.

11 So dio remember mnēmoneuō that hoti at one time pote you hymeis · ho Gentiles ethnos in en the flesh sarx, · ho called legō the uncircumcision akrobystia by hypo those ho called legō the circumcision peritomē made in en the flesh sarx by hands cheiropoiētos 12 remember that hoti at ho that ekeinos time kairos you were eimi apart chōris from Christ Christos, excluded apallotrioō from the ho commonwealth politeia of ho Israel Israēl and kai strangers xenos to the ho covenants diathēkē of ho promise epangelia, having echō no hope elpis and kai without God atheos in en the ho world kosmos. 13 But de now nyni in en Christ Christos Jesus Iēsous you hymeis who hos were eimi at that time pote far away makran have come ginomai near engys through en the ho blood haima of ho Christ Christos. 14 For gar he autos is eimi · ho our hēmeis peace eirēnē, who ho has made poieō us · ho both amphoteroi one heis and kai has broken down lyō the ho dividing mesotoichon · ho wall phragmos, having abolished in en his autos flesh sarx the ho hostility echthra, · ho 15 the ho law nomos of ho commandments entolē and en regulations dogma, so as hina to create ktizō in en himself autos one heis new kainos man anthrōpos from the ho two dyo, thus making poieō peace eirēnē, 16 and kai to reconcile apokatallassō · ho both amphoteroi to ho God theos in en one heis body sōma through dia the ho cross stauros, having put the ho hostility echthra to death apokteinō in en himself autos. 17 And kai he came erchomai and preached euangelizō the good news of peace eirēnē to you hymeis who ho were far off makran and kai of peace eirēnē to those ho who were near engys; 18 for hoti through dia him autos we both amphoteroi have echō · ho access prosagōgē · ho by en the one heis Spirit pneuma to pros the ho Father patēr. 19 So ara then oun you are eimi no ouketi longer strangers xenos and kai aliens paroikos, but alla you are eimi fellow sympolitēs citizens with the ho saints hagios and kai members oikeios of the household of ho God theos, 20 built epoikodomeō on epi the ho foundation themelios of the ho apostles apostolos and kai prophets prophētēs, the cornerstone akrogōniaios being eimi Christ Christos Jesus Iēsous himself autos, 21 in en whom hos the whole pas structure oikodomē, being joined synarmologeō together , grows auxō into eis a holy hagios temple naos in en the Lord kyrios, 22 in en whom hos you hymeis also kai are being built together synoikodomeō into eis a dwelling katoikētērion place for ho God theos by en the Spirit pneuma.

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