The Futility of Wisdom

12 I, the (A)Preacher, have been king over Israel in Jerusalem. 13 And I (B)set my [a]mind to seek and (C)explore by wisdom about everything that has been done under heaven. It is a [b](D)sorry task with which God has given the sons of mankind to be troubled. 14 I have seen all the works which have been done under the sun, and behold, all is (E)futility and striving after wind. 15 What is (F)crooked cannot be straightened, and what is lacking cannot be counted.

16 I [c]said to myself, “Behold, I have magnified and increased (G)wisdom more than all who were over Jerusalem before me; and my [d]mind has observed [e]a wealth of wisdom and knowledge.” 17 And I (H)applied my [f]mind to know wisdom and to (I)know insanity and foolishness; I realized that this also is (J)striving after wind. 18 Because (K)in much wisdom there is much grief; and increasing knowledge results in increasing pain.

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  1. Ecclesiastes 1:13 Lit heart
  2. Ecclesiastes 1:13 Lit evil
  3. Ecclesiastes 1:16 Lit spoke with my heart, saying
  4. Ecclesiastes 1:16 Lit heart
  5. Ecclesiastes 1:16 Lit an abundance
  6. Ecclesiastes 1:17 Lit heart

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