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23 “If a man’s testicles are crushed or his penis cut off, he shall not enter the sanctuary. A bastard may not enter the sanctuary, nor any of his descendants for ten generations.

“No Ammonite or Moabite may ever enter the sanctuary, even after the tenth generation. The reason for this law is that these nations did not welcome you with food and water when you came out of Egypt; they even tried to hire Balaam, the son of Beor from Pethor, Mesopotamia, to curse you. But the Lord wouldn’t listen to Balaam; instead, he turned the intended curse into a blessing for you because the Lord loves you. You must never, as long as you live, try to help the Ammonites or the Moabites in any way. But don’t look down on the Edomites and the Egyptians; the Edomites are your brothers and you lived among the Egyptians. The grandchildren of the Egyptians who came with you from Egypt may enter the sanctuary of the Lord.

9-10 “When you are at war, the men in the camps must stay away from all evil. Any man who becomes ceremonially defiled because of a seminal emission during the night must leave the camp 11 and stay outside until the evening; then he shall bathe himself and return at sunset. 12 The toilet area shall be outside the camp. 13 Each man must have a spade as part of his equipment; after every bowel movement he must dig a hole with the spade and cover the excrement. 14 The camp must be holy, for the Lord walks among you to protect you and to cause your enemies to fall before you; and the Lord does not want to see anything indecent lest he turn away from you.

15-16 “If a slave escapes from his master, you must not force him to return; let him live among you in whatever town he shall choose, and do not oppress him.

17-18 “No prostitutes are permitted in Israel, either men or women; you must not bring to the Lord any offering from the earnings of a prostitute or a homosexual, for both are detestable to the Lord your God.

19 “Don’t demand interest on loans you make to a brother Israelite, whether it is in the form of money, food, or anything else. 20 You may take interest from a foreigner, but not from an Israeli. For if you take interest from a brother, an Israeli, the Lord your God won’t bless you when you arrive in the Promised Land.

21 “When you make a vow to the Lord, be prompt in doing whatever it is you promised him, for the Lord demands that you promptly fulfill your vows; it is a sin if you don’t. 22 (But it is not a sin if you refrain from vowing!) 23 Once you make the vow, you must be careful to do as you have said, for it was your own choice, and you have vowed to the Lord your God.

24 “You may eat your fill of the grapes from another man’s vineyard, but do not take any away in a container. 25 It is the same with someone else’s grain—you may eat a few handfuls of it, but don’t use a sickle.

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