24 But if the [a]distance is so great for you that you are not able to [b]bring the tithe, since the place where the Lord your God chooses (A)to set His name is too far away from you when the Lord your God blesses you, 25 then you shall [c]exchange it for money, and bind the money in your hand and go to the place which the Lord your God chooses. 26 And you may spend the money on whatever your [d]heart desires: on oxen, sheep, wine, other strong drink, or whatever your [e]heart [f]desires; and (B)there you shall eat in the presence of the Lord your God and rejoice, you and your household.

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  1. Deuteronomy 14:24 Lit way
  2. Deuteronomy 14:24 Lit carry it
  3. Deuteronomy 14:25 Lit give in money
  4. Deuteronomy 14:26 Lit soul
  5. Deuteronomy 14:26 Lit soul
  6. Deuteronomy 14:26 Lit asks of you

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