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Daniel 7:13-15 New English Translation (NET Bible)

13 “I was watching in the night visions,
And with[a] the clouds of the sky[b]
one like a son of man[c] was approaching.
He went up to the Ancient of Days
and was escorted[d] before him.
14 To him was given ruling authority, honor, and sovereignty.
All peoples, nations, and language groups were serving[e] him.
His authority is eternal and will not pass away.[f]
His kingdom will not be destroyed.[g]

An Angel Interprets Daniel’s Vision

15 “As for me, Daniel, my spirit was distressed,[h] and the visions of my mind[i] were alarming me.


  1. Daniel 7:13 tc The LXX has ἐπί (epi, “upon”) here (cf. Matt 24:30; 26:64). Theodotion has μετά (meta, “with”) here (cf. Mark 14:62; Rev 1:7).
  2. Daniel 7:13 tn Or “the heavens.” The Hebrew term שָׁמַיִם (shamayim) may be translated “heavens” or “sky” depending on the context.
  3. Daniel 7:13 sn This text is probably the main OT background for Jesus’ use of the term “son of man.” In both Jewish and Christian circles the reference in the book of Daniel has traditionally been understood to refer to an individual, usually in a messianic sense. Many modern scholars, however, understand the reference to have a corporate identity. In this view, the “son of man” is to be equated with the “holy ones” (vv. 18, 21, 22, 25) or the “people of the holy ones” (v. 27) and understood as a reference to the Jewish people. Others understand Daniel’s reference to be to the angel Michael.
  4. Daniel 7:13 tn Aram “they brought him near.”
  5. Daniel 7:14 tn Some take “serving” here in the sense of “worshiping.”
  6. Daniel 7:14 tn Aram “is an eternal authority that will not pass away.”
  7. Daniel 7:14 tn Aram “is one that will not be destroyed.”
  8. Daniel 7:15 tn The Aramaic text includes the phrase “in its sheath,” apparently viewing the body as a container or receptacle for the spirit somewhat like a sheath or scabbard is for a knife or a sword (cf. NAB “within its sheath of flesh”). For this phrase the LXX and Vulgate have “in these things.”
  9. Daniel 7:15 tn Aram “head.”
New English Translation (NET)

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