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10 When Daniel realized[a] that a written decree had been issued, he entered his home, where the windows[b] in his upper room opened toward Jerusalem. Three[c] times daily he was[d] kneeling[e] and offering prayers and thanks to his God just as he had been accustomed to do previously.

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  1. Daniel 6:10 tn Aram “knew.”
  2. Daniel 6:10 sn In later rabbinic thought this verse was sometimes cited as a proof text for the notion that one should pray only in a house with windows (see b. Berakhot 34b).
  3. Daniel 6:10 sn This is apparently the only specific mention in the OT of prayer being regularly offered three times a day. The practice was probably not unique to Daniel, however.
  4. Daniel 6:10 tc Read with several medieval Hebrew mss and printed editions הֲוָה (havah, “he was”) rather than the MT הוּא (huʾ, “he”).
  5. Daniel 6:10 tn Aram “kneeling on his knees” (so NASB).sn No specific posture for offering prayers is prescribed in the OT. Kneeling, as here, and standing were both practiced.