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Daniel 1:10-11 New English Translation (NET Bible)

10 But he[a] responded to Daniel, “I fear my master the king. He is the one who has decided[b] your food and drink. What would happen if he saw that you looked malnourished in comparison to the other young men your age?[c] If that happened,[d] you would endanger my life[e] with the king!” 11 Daniel then spoke to the warden[f] whom the overseer of the court officials had appointed over Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah:


  1. Daniel 1:10 tn Heb “The overseer of the court officials.” The subject has been specified in the translation for the sake of clarity.
  2. Daniel 1:10 tn Heb “assigned” (see v. 5).
  3. Daniel 1:10 tn Heb “Why should he see your faces thin from the young men who are according to your age?” The term translated “thin” occurs only here and in Gen 40:6, where it appears to refer to a dejected facial expression. The word is related to an Arabic root meaning “be weak.” See HALOT 277 s.v. II זעף.
  4. Daniel 1:10 tn The words “if that happened” are not in the Hebrew text but have been added in the translation for clarity.
  5. Daniel 1:10 tn Heb “my head.” Presumably this is an implicit reference to capital punishment (cf. NCV, TEV, CEV, NLT), although this is not entirely clear.
  6. Daniel 1:11 sn Having failed to convince the overseer, Daniel sought the favor of the warden whom the overseer had appointed to care for the young men.
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