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11     After that happens, on the day I choose, I will rebuild
        the dilapidating house of David from its ruins,
    Mend the holes in it, rebuild its wreckage,
        and restore it just the way it used to be.
12     Then they may possess what remains of Edom,
        including every person among the outsiders who have been called by My name.[a]

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Israel’s Restoration

11 “In that day

“I will restore David’s(A) fallen shelter(B)
    I will repair its broken walls
    and restore its ruins(C)
    and will rebuild it as it used to be,(D)
12 so that they may possess the remnant of Edom(E)
    and all the nations that bear my name,[a](F)
declares the Lord, who will do these things.(G)

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  1. Amos 9:12 Hebrew; Septuagint so that the remnant of people / and all the nations that bear my name may seek me

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