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Amos 2 The Voice (VOICE)

Here is what the Eternal says about Moab, Ammon’s brother nation east of the Jordan:

Eternal One: For three crimes of Moab,
        no for four, I have laid down My sentence and will not revoke it
    Because they burned to ash the bones of the king of Edom,
        believing this would prevent his resurrection.
    So I will send down fire on Moab and burn down the fortresses of Kerioth,
        where the people worship Chemosh.
    Moab will be destroyed in an uproar,
        with warriors screaming and war horns blaring,
    And I will destroy their ruler,
        along with all the officials who counsel him.

Here is what the Eternal says about Judah:

Eternal One: For three crimes of Judah,
        no for four, I have laid down My sentence and will not revoke it
    Because they have rejected the teachings of the Eternal One
        and have not kept His commandments,
    But they have walked away to follow the same lying idols
        their ancestors pursued.
    So I will send down fire on Judah
        and burn down all the fortresses of Jerusalem.

Here, Israel, is what the Eternal says about your past and present behavior:

Eternal One: For three crimes of Israel,
        no for four, I have laid down My sentence and will not revoke it
    Because they have sold the right-living for silver
        and the poor and their property for a pair of sandals.
    They have trampled the heads of the weak into the dirt
        and pushed the oppressed even further down.
    A father and his son sleep with the same girl,
        trampling My holy name in the process.
    And the religious lie beside every altar
        on garments taken as collateral from their debtors;
    And in the house of their pagan god, they drink
        wine bought with the fines they have imposed on others.

    Still I destroyed all of Canaan’s Amorites before them,
        those Canaanites who were as tall as the towering cedars,
        as strong as the mighty oaks.
    As entrenched as they were, I still destroyed their fruit above
        and their roots underneath My promised land.
10     And I brought you up out of the land of Egypt
        and led you safely through 40 years of wilderness wandering
        to take possession of the land of the Amorites.
11     I took some of your children and raised them up as prophets,
        and I called some of your youth to be Nazirites, set aside to My service.
    Isn’t this true, people of Israel?

God’s very own people are forcing those who have dedicated their service to Him to abandon their calling. Here He renders His judgment on them.

So says the Eternal.

12 Eternal One: But you made the Nazirites break their vows and drink wine.
        You told the prophets, “Don’t you dare prophesy!”

13     I will press you down beneath your enemies, just as a wagon full of fresh grain creaks
        and groans beneath its own weight.
14     The swift will lose their speed; there will be no escape;
        the strong will lose his strength; the warrior will not survive the battle;
15     The archer will not be able to stand his ground and aim his arrows.
        Even the fastest runner will not escape, nor will the one who rides on horseback.
16     The bravest and strongest soldiers will throw down their weapons
        and run naked for cover on that day.

So says the Eternal One.

The Voice (VOICE)

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