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Amos 2:6-3:8 Tree of Life Version (TLV)

Thus says Adonai:
“For three crimes of Israel
    even for four, I will not relent.
For they sell the righteous for silver
    and the needy for a pair of shoes.
They trample the head of the poor
    into the dust of the earth
and thwart the way of the humble.
A man and his father go to the same girl,[a]
    to profane My holy Name.
Upon garments taken in pledge
    they stretch out beside every altar,
and drink wine confiscated as fines
    in the house of their gods.

“I destroyed the Amorite before them,
whose height was like cedars
    and as strong as oaks—
    yes, I destroyed his fruit from above
    and his roots from beneath.
10 It was I also who brought you up from the land of Egypt
    and led you forty years in the wilderness
    to possess the Amorite’s land.
11 I raised up prophets from your sons
and Nazirites from your young men.
Is this not so, Bnei Yisrael?”
declares Adonai.
12 “But you gave the Nazirites wine to drink,
and you commanded the prophets saying,
    ‘Do not prophesy.’
13 Behold! I will cause a tottering beneath you
    as a cart totters when full of sheaves.
14 Then flight will fail for the swift.
The mighty will not strengthen his power,
The warrior will not save his life.
15 The archer will not stand,
the fleet-footed will not escape,
the horseman will not save himself.
16 The valiant among the warriors
    will flee naked in that day.”
declares Adonai.

The Prophet Reveals Destruction

Hear this word that Adonai has spoken against you, Bnei Yisrael, against the whole family that I brought up from the land of Egypt, saying:

“Only you have I known from among
    all the families of the earth.
Therefore, I will punish you
    for all your iniquities.

Can two walk together
unless they meet by appointment?
Does a lion roar in the forest
    when he has no prey?
Does a young lion growl from his den
    unless he has taken prey?
Does a bird fall into a trap on the ground
    if it has no bait?
Will a snare spring up from the ground
    without taking anything?
If a shofar alarm sounds in a city,
    will people not tremble?
If there is calamity in a city,
    has not Adonai caused it?
For the Lord Adonai, will do nothing,
unless He has revealed His counsel
    to His servants the prophets.[b]
A lion has roared, who will not fear?
My Lord Adonai has spoken,
    who shall not prophesy?


  1. Amos 2:7 Or, pagan temple prostitute.
  2. Amos 3:7 cf. John 15:15.
Tree of Life Version (TLV)

Tree of Life (TLV) Translation of the Bible. Copyright © 2015 by The Messianic Jewish Family Bible Society.


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