Hear this, you who trample the needy
    and do away with the poor(A) of the land,(B)


“When will the New Moon(C) be over
    that we may sell grain,
and the Sabbath be ended
    that we may market(D) wheat?”(E)
skimping on the measure,
    boosting the price
    and cheating(F) with dishonest scales,(G)
buying the poor(H) with silver
    and the needy for a pair of sandals,
    selling even the sweepings with the wheat.(I)

The Lord has sworn by himself, the Pride of Jacob:(J) “I will never forget(K) anything they have done.(L)

“Will not the land tremble(M) for this,
    and all who live in it mourn?
The whole land will rise like the Nile;
    it will be stirred up and then sink
    like the river of Egypt.(N)

“In that day,” declares the Sovereign Lord,

“I will make the sun go down at noon
    and darken the earth in broad daylight.(O)
10 I will turn your religious festivals(P) into mourning
    and all your singing into weeping.(Q)
I will make all of you wear sackcloth(R)
    and shave(S) your heads.
I will make that time like mourning for an only son(T)
    and the end of it like a bitter day.(U)

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