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    So I will send down fire on the wall that protects Gaza
        and burn down all of its fortifications.
    I will destroy those who live in Ashdod
        and cut off the hand that holds the scepter in Ashkelon.
    I will raise My hand against Ekron and the rest of the Philistines;
        even those in the formerly great city of Gath will perish.

Four of the five major cities of Philistia are mentioned here; only Gath is excluded. It was previously destroyed by Judah under King Uzziah (2 Chronicles 26:6).

So says the Eternal Lord about Philistia, Israel’s enemy in the southwest.

Here is what the Eternal says about Tyre, that maritime power to the northwest:

Eternal One: For three crimes of Tyre,
        no for four, I have laid down My sentence and will not revoke it
    Because they also handed over whole communities to Edom
        and ignored the covenant of brotherhood, the treaty between Phoenicia and Israel.

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