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22 “Men of Israel,[a] listen to these words: Jesus the Nazarene, a man clearly attested to you by God with powerful deeds,[b] wonders, and miraculous signs[c] that God performed among you through him, just as you yourselves know—

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  1. Acts 2:22 tn Or “Israelite men,” although this is less natural English. The Greek term here is ἀνήρ (anēr), which only exceptionally is used in a generic sense of both males and females. In this context, it is conceivable that this is a generic usage, although it can also be argued that Peter’s remarks were addressed primarily to the men present, even if women were there.
  2. Acts 2:22 tn Or “miraculous deeds.”
  3. Acts 2:22 tn Again, the context indicates the miraculous nature of these signs, and this is specified in the translation.