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Acts 9:19-25 Expanded Bible (EXB)

19 After he ate some food, his strength returned.

Saul Preaches in Damascus

Saul stayed with the ·followers of Jesus [disciples] in Damascus for ·a few [several; some] days. 20 ·Soon [Immediately; At once] he began to ·preach about [proclaim] Jesus in the synagogues, saying, “·Jesus [L This one; He] is the Son of God.”

21 All the people who heard him were amazed. They said, “·This is [L Isn’t this…?] the man who was in Jerusalem ·trying to destroy [raising havoc for; attacking] those who ·trust in [or worship; L call on] this name [C the name of Jesus; the name represents the person]! He came here to ·arrest [bind] them and take them back to the ·leading [T chief] priests.”

22 But Saul grew more ·powerful [capable; effective]. His proofs that Jesus is the Christ were so strong that ·his own people [L the Jews who lived] in Damascus ·could not argue with [were baffled/confounded by] him.

23 ·After many days [or Some time later], ·they [L the Jews] ·made plans [plotted] to kill Saul. 24 They were watching the city gates day and night [L in order to kill him], but Saul learned about their ·plan [plot]. 25 One night some ·followers [disciples] of Saul helped him leave the city by lowering him in a basket through an opening in the city wall [2 Cor. 11:32–33].

Expanded Bible (EXB)

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