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Now de Saul Saulos was eimi in agreement syneudokeō with ho his autos execution anairesis. There arose ginomai · de on en that ekeinos · ho day hēmera a great megas persecution diōgmos against epi the ho church ekklēsia · ho in en Jerusalem Hierosolyma, and de they were all pas scattered diaspeirō throughout kata the ho regions chōra of ho Judea Ioudaia and kai Samaria Samareia, except plēn the ho apostles apostolos. Devout eulabēs men anēr buried synkomizō · de · ho Stephen Stephanos and kai made poieō great megas lamentation kopetos over epi him autos. But de Saul Saulos was making havoc lymainō of the ho church ekklēsia; entering eisporeuomai every kata · ho house oikos, he dragged syrō off both te men anēr and kai women gynē and put paradidōmi them in eis prison phylakē.

Now oun those ho who were scattered diaspeirō went dierchomai from place to place preaching euangelizō the ho word logos. Philip Philippos · de went katerchomai down to eis the ho main city polis of ho Samaria Samareia and began proclaiming kēryssō to them autos the ho Christ Christos. And de with one accord homothumadon the ho crowds ochlos paid attention to prosechō what ho was being said legō by hypo · ho Philip Philippos as en · ho they autos heard akouō him and kai saw blepō the ho signs sēmeion that hos he was performing poieō. For gar many polys of those ho who had echō unclean akathartos spirits pneuma, crying boaō with a loud megas voice phōnē, came exerchomai out ; and de many polys paralyzed paralyō and kai lame chōlos were healed therapeuō. So de there was ginomai great polys joy chara in en · ho that ekeinos city polis.

Now de there was prouparchō a tis man anēr named onoma Simon Simōn, who had been practicing magic mageuō in en the ho city polis and kai amazing existēmi the ho people ethnos of ho Samaria Samareia, saying legō that he himself heautou was eimi someone tis great megas. 10 They prosechō all pas paid attention prosechō to him hos, from apo the least mikros to heōs the greatest megas, saying legō, “ This houtos man is eimi the ho power dynamis of ho God theos, which ho is called kaleō Great megas.” 11 And de they paid attention prosechō to him autos because dia · ho for a long hikanos time chronos he had amazed existēmi them autos by his ho magic mageia. 12 But de when hote they believed pisteuō · ho Philip Philippos as he preached euangelizō about peri the ho kingdom basileia of ho God theos and kai the ho name onoma of Jesus Iēsous Christ Christos, they were baptized baptizō, both te men anēr and kai women gynē. 13 · ho · de Even kai Simon Simōn himself autos believed pisteuō, and kai after being baptized baptizō he stayed constantly with eimi · ho Philip Philippos. And te seeing theōreō signs sēmeion and kai great megas miracles dynamis happening ginomai, he was amazed existēmi.

14 Now de when akouō the ho apostles apostolos in en Jerusalem Hierosolyma heard akouō that hoti Samaria Samareia had received dechomai · ho the ho word logos of ho God theos, they sent apostellō to pros them autos Peter Petros and kai John Iōannēs, 15 who hostis went down katabainō and prayed proseuchomai for peri them autos that hopōs they might receive lambanō the Holy hagios Spirit pneuma, 16 for gar he had eimi not oudepō yet fallen epipiptō on epi any oudeis one of them autos, but de they had hyparchō simply monon been baptized baptizō in eis the ho name onoma of the ho Lord kyrios Jesus Iēsous. 17 Then tote Peter and John laid epitithēmi · ho hands cheir on epi them autos and kai they received lambanō the Holy hagios Spirit pneuma. 18 But de when Simon Simōn saw · ho that hoti it was through dia the ho laying epithesis on of the ho hands cheir of the ho apostles apostolos that the ho Spirit pneuma was given didōmi, he offered prospherō them autos money chrēma, 19 saying legō, “ Give didōmi me kagō also · ho this houtos power exousia, that hina anyone on whom hos I lay epitithēmi · ho hands cheir may receive lambanō the Holy hagios Spirit pneuma.” 20 But de Peter Petros said legō to pros him autos, “ May eimi · ho your sy silver argyrion go eimi with syn you sy to eis destruction apōleia, because hoti you thought nomizō you could obtain ktaomai the ho gift dōrea of ho God theos with dia money chrēma! 21 There is eimi not ou for you sy a part meris or oude share klēros in en · ho this houtos matter logos, · ho for gar your sy heart kardia is eimi not ou upright before enanti · ho God theos. 22 Repent metanoeō, therefore oun, of apo · ho this houtos wickedness kakia of yours sy, and kai pray deomai to the ho Lord kyrios that, if ei possible ara, the ho intent epinoia of ho your sy heart kardia may be forgiven aphiēmi you sy. 23 For gar I see horaō that you sy are eimi in eis the gall cholē of bitterness pikria and kai in the bond syndesmos of unrighteousness adikia.” 24 And de answering apokrinomai, · ho Simon Simōn said legō, “ You hymeis pray deomai for hyper me egō to pros the ho Lord kyrios so hopōs that nothing mēdeis of what hos you have said legō may come eperchomai upon epi me egō.” 25 · ho Now oun after solemnly diamartyromai testifying and kai speaking laleō the ho word logos of the ho Lord kyrios, they returned hypostrephō to eis Jerusalem Hierosolyma, preaching the gospel to euangelizō many polys villages kōmē of the ho Samaritans Samaritēs.

26 Now de an angel angelos of the Lord kyrios spoke laleō to pros Philip Philippos, saying legō, “ Rise anistēmi and kai go poreuō toward kata the south mesēmbria on epi the ho road hodos that ho goes katabainō down from apo Jerusalem Ierousalēm to eis Gaza Gaza.” This houtos is eimi a desert erēmos place . 27 And kai he rose anistēmi and went poreuō. And kai there was idou an Ethiopian anēr Aithiops, a eunuch eunouchos, a court dynastēs official of Candace Kandakē, queen basilissa of the Ethiopians Aithiops, who hos was eimi in epi charge of all pas · ho her autos treasure gaza, who hos had come erchomai to eis Jerusalem Ierousalēm to worship proskyneō 28 and te was eimi returning hypostrephō, · kai seated kathēmai in epi · ho his autos carriage harma, and kai he was reading anaginōskō the ho prophet prophētēs Isaiah ēsaias. 29 And de the ho Spirit pneuma said legō to ho Philip Philippos, “ Go proserchomai over and kai join kollaō · ho this houtos carriage harma.” 30 So de Philip Philippos ran prostrechō to · ho him and heard akouō him autos reading anaginōskō Isaiah ēsaias the ho prophet prophētēs and kai he said legō, “ Do you understand ginōskō what hos you are reading anaginōskō?” 31 And de he ho said legō, “ How pōs could an I unless ean mē someone tis guide hodēgeō me egō?” And te he invited parakaleō · ho Philip Philippos to come anabainō up and sit kathizō with syn him autos. 32 Now de the ho passage periochē of ho scripture graphē the man was reading anaginōskō was eimi this houtos: “ As hōs a sheep probaton to epi the slaughter sphagē he was led agō, and kai as hōs a lamb amnos dumb aphōnos before enantion · ho its autos shearer keirō, so houtōs he opens anoigō not ou · ho his autos mouth stoma. 33 In en · ho humiliation tapeinōsis · ho justice krisis was taken airō from him autos. · ho His autos family genea history who tis will declare diēgeomai? For hoti his autos life zōē is taken airō away from apo the ho earth .” · ho

34 And de in answer apokrinomai the ho eunuch eunouchos said legō to ho Philip Philippos, “ I ask deomai you sy, about peri whom tis does the ho prophet prophētēs say legō this houtos, about peri himself heautou or ē about peri someone tis else heteros?” 35 Then de Philip Philippos opened anoigō · ho · ho his autos mouth stoma, and kai beginning archō from apo · ho this houtos Scripture graphē he announced euangelizō the good news to him autos, · ho Jesus Iēsous. 36 And de as hōs they traveled poreuō along kata the ho road hodos they came erchomai to epi some tis water hydōr; and kai the ho eunuch eunouchos said phēmi, “ Look idou! Water hydōr! What tis prevents kōlyō me egō from being baptized baptizō?” 38 And kai he ordered keleuō the ho carriage harma to stop histēmi, and kai they both amphoteroi went down katabainō into eis the ho water hydōr, · ho both te Philip Philippos and kai the ho eunuch eunouchos; and kai he baptized baptizō him autos. 39 And de when hote they came anabainō up out ek of the ho water hydōr, the Spirit pneuma of the Lord kyrios suddenly took harpazō · ho Philip Philippos away , and kai the ho eunuch eunouchos saw him autos no more ouketi, but gar went poreuō on · ho his autos way hodos rejoicing chairō. 40 But de Philip Philippos was found heuriskō at eis Azotus Azōtos; and kai as he traveled dierchomai through the area he announced euangelizō the good news to all pas the ho towns polis, until heōs · ho he autos came erchomai to eis Caesarea Kaisareia.