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Now de Peter Petros and kai John Iōannēs were going anabainō up to eis the ho temple hieron at epi the ho hour hōra of ho prayer proseuchē, the ho ninth enatos hour. And kai a tis man anēr lame chōlos from ek the womb koilia of his autos mother mētēr was being hyparchō carried bastazō, whom hos they laid tithēmi daily kata hēmera at pros the ho gate thura of the ho temple hieron · ho called legō the “ Beautiful hōraios Gate” to ho ask aiteō alms eleēmosynē from para those ho entering eisporeuomai into eis the ho temple hieron. When he hos saw Peter Petros and kai John Iōannēs about mellō to go eiseimi into eis the ho temple hieron, he asked erōtaō to receive lambanō alms eleēmosynē. But de Peter Petros, looking atenizō directly at eis him autos, as syn did · ho John Iōannēs, said legō, “ Look blepō at eis us hēmeis.” So de the ho lame man gave epechō them autos his attention, expecting prosdokaō to receive lambanō something tis from para them autos. But de Peter Petros said legō, “ Silver argyrion and kai gold chrysion is not ou possessed hyparchō by me egō, but de what hos I do have echō I give didōmi to you sy. In en the ho name onoma of Jesus Iēsous Christ Christos of ho Nazareth Nazōraios, stand egeirō up and kai walk peripateō!” Then kai taking piazō him autos by the ho right dexios hand cheir, Peter raised egeirō him autos up, and de immediately parachrēma his autos feet basis and kai ankles sphydron were made strong stereoō; · ho · ho and kai jumping exallomai up , he stood histēmi and kai began to walk peripateō and kai entered eiserchomai with syn them autos into eis the ho temple hieron, walking peripateō and kai jumping hallomai and kai praising aineō · ho God theos. And kai all pas the ho people laos saw him autos walking peripateō and kai praising aineō · ho God theos, 10 and de recognized epiginōskō him autos that hoti he autos was eimi the ho one who used to sit kathēmai and ask for pros · ho alms eleēmosynē at epi the ho Beautiful hōraios Gate pylē of the ho temple hieron. And kai they were filled pimplēmi with awe thambos and kai amazement ekstasis at epi what ho had happened symbainō to him autos.

11 While he autos clung krateō to · de · ho Peter Petros and kai · ho John Iōannēs, all pas the ho people laos ran syntrechō together to pros them autos in epi the ho covered stoa walkway · ho called kaleō Solomon’ s Solomōn Portico, utterly astounded. 12 When Peter Petros saw · de · ho this, he replied apokrinomai to pros the ho people laos, “ Men anēr of Israel Israēlitēs, why tis are you amazed thaumazō at epi this houtos, or ē why tis do you stare atenizō at us hēmeis, as hōs though by our own idios power dynamis or ē piety eusebeia we had made poieō him autos · ho walk peripateō? 13 The ho God theos of Abraham Abraam, · kai Isaac Isaak, and kai Jacob Iakōb the ho God theos of ho our hēmeis fathers patēr glorified doxazō · ho his autos servant pais Jesus Iēsous, whom hos you hymeis delivered paradidōmi over and kai disowned arneomai in kata the presence prosōpon of Pilate Pilatos, when he ekeinos had decided krinō to release apolyō him. 14 But de you hymeis denied arneomai the ho Holy hagios and kai Righteous dikaios One , and kai asked aiteō that a man anēr who was a murderer phoneus be released charizomai to you hymeis, 15 and de you killed apokteinō the ho Originator archēgos of ho life zōē, whom hos · ho God theos raised egeirō from ek the dead nekros, of which hos we hēmeis are eimi witnesses martys. 16 And kai on epi the basis of · ho faith pistis in · ho his autos name onoma his ho name onoma itself autos has made stereoō this houtos man strong stereoō, whom hos you see theōreō and kai know oida. · kai The ho faith pistis that ho is through dia Jesus autos has given didōmi him autos · ho this houtos wholeness holoklēria before apenanti all pas of you hymeis. 17 And kai now nyn, brothers adelphos, I know oida that hoti you acted prassō in kata ignorance agnoia, as hōsper did your hymeis rulers archōn as kai well . · ho 18 But de the things hos · ho God theos foretold prokatangellō through dia the mouth stoma of all pas the ho prophets prophētēs, that his autos Christ Christos would suffer paschō, · ho he has fulfilled plēroō in this way houtōs. 19 Repent metanoeō therefore oun, and kai turn epistrephō again , for eis the ho blotting exaleiphō out of your hymeis · ho sins hamartia, 20 that hopōs there may come erchomai times kairos of refreshing anapsyxis from apo the presence prosōpon of the ho Lord kyrios, and kai that he may send apostellō the ho Messiah Christos appointed procheirizō for you hymeis, that is, Jesus Iēsous, 21 whom hos heaven ouranos must dei receive dechomai until achri the time chronos of restoration apokatastasis of all pas things , which hos God theos spoke laleō · ho by dia the mouth stoma of ho his autos holy hagios prophets prophētēs long ago apo. 22 Moses Mōysēs said legō, ‘ The ho Lord kyrios your hymeis God theos will raise anistēmi up for you hymeis a prophet prophētēs from ek among · ho your hymeis brothers adelphos, as hōs he raised me egō. You must obey akouō him autos in kata all pas things whatsoever hosos an he speaks laleō to pros you hymeis. 23 And de it will be eimi that every pas soul psychē who hostis ean does not obey akouō · ho that ekeinos prophet prophētēs will be destroyed exolethreuō from ek among the ho people laos.’ 24 And kai all pas · de the ho prophets prophētēs from apo Samuel Samouēl and kai those ho who came after kathexēs him, as hosos many as have spoken laleō, also kai announced katangellō · ho these houtos days hēmera. 25 You hymeis are eimi the ho sons hyios of the ho prophets prophētēs and kai of the ho covenant diathēkē which hos God theos made diatithēmi · ho with pros · ho your hymeis fathers patēr, saying legō to pros Abraham Abraam, ‘ And kai in en · ho your sy offspring sperma shall all pas the ho families patria of the ho earth be blessed eneulogeō.’ 26 God theos, having raised up anistēmi his autos servant pais, sent apostellō him autos to you hymeis first prōton, · ho · ho to bless eulogeō you hymeis by en · ho turning apostrephō each hekastos one of you from apo · ho your hymeis wicked ponēria ways .”

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