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Acts 24 New Life Version (NLV)

Paul Stands in Front of Felix

24 Five days later Ananias came to the city of Caesarea. He was the head religious leader. Some other religious leaders and a man whose name was Tertullus came also. This man worked in courts and knew all about the laws. He told Felix what the Jews had against Paul. They brought in Paul. Then Tertullus started to tell what the Jews had against him, saying,

“Most respected Felix, because of you, we are living in peace. Wrong-doings have been made right in this nation. In every way and in every place, we thank you for all of this. We do not want to keep you here too long. I ask you to listen to our few words. You are known to be kind in this way. We have found this man to be a trouble-maker among all the Jews in the world. He is a leader of a religious group called the Nazarenes. He even tried to make the house of God unclean by taking people into it who were not Jews. But we took hold of him. (*We could have said he was guilty by our Law. But Lysias, the captain, came and took him out of our hands. He told those who wanted to kill him to tell you what they had against him.) When you ask him about these things, you will be able to learn everything we have against him.” The Jews agreed to what he said against Paul.

Paul Speaks for Himself the First Time

10 Then Felix, the leader of the people, told Paul to speak. Paul said, “I know that you have been a leader of this nation for many years. I am happy to be able to speak for myself. 11 Not more than twelve days ago I went up to Jerusalem to worship. You can find out about this yourself. 12 I did not argue with anyone in the house of God or in the Jewish places of worship or in the city. I was not making trouble. 13 They cannot prove any of these things they say against me.

14 “I will say this, I worship the God of our fathers in the new Way. They say it is a false way. But I believe everything that has been written in the Law and by the early preachers. 15 I trust God for the same things they are looking for. I am looking for the dead to rise, both those right with God and the sinful. 16 I always try to live so my own heart tells me I am not guilty before God or man.

17 “After a few years I came to bring gifts of money to the people of my country (Jerusalem). 18 Some Jews from the countries of Asia found me in the house of God after I had gone through the worship of washing. There were no people around me and there was no noise or fighting. 19 They should be here if they have anything against me. 20 Or let these men tell what wrong they found in me as I stood in front of their court, 21 unless it was the words I cried out as I stood in front of them. I said, ‘I have been brought in front of this court because of the hope of being raised from the dead.’”

Felix Waits for Lysias to Come

22 Felix knew about the Christian religion. He stopped the court, saying, “When Lysias the captain comes down, I will decide about this.” 23 He told the soldier to watch Paul, but to let him come and go as much as he wanted to. Paul’s friends were to be able to come and care for him.

Paul Speaks for Himself the Second Time

24 Some days later Felix came again. His Jewish wife Drusilla was with him. He sent for Paul and heard him talk about faith in Christ Jesus. 25 Paul spoke about being right with God. He spoke about being the boss over our own desires. He spoke about standing before One Who will tell us if we are guilty. When Felix heard this, he became afraid and said, “Go now. I will send for you when it is a better time.” 26 He was hoping that Paul would give him money so he could go free. For that reason he kept sending for Paul and talking to him.

27 After two years Porcius Festus became leader of the people instead of Felix. Felix wanted to please the Jews so he kept Paul in prison.

New Life Version (NLV)

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