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Now de in en · ho these houtos days hēmera when the number of the ho disciples mathētēs was increasing plēthunō, there was ginomai a complaint gongysmos by the ho Hellenists Hellēnistēs against pros the ho Hebrews Hebraios because hoti their autos widows chēra were being neglected paratheōreō in en the ho daily kathēmerinos distribution diakonia of food. · ho · ho So de the ho twelve dōdeka called proskaleō together the ho entire group plēthos of ho disciples mathētēs and said legō, “ It is eimi not ou right arestos for us hēmeis to neglect kataleipō the ho word logos of ho God theos in order to wait diakoneō on tables trapeza. Therefore de, brothers adelphos, select episkeptomai from among ek you hymeis seven hepta men anēr of good standing martyreō, full plērēs of the Spirit pneuma and kai of wisdom sophia, whom hos we will appoint kathistēmi to epi carry out · ho this houtos responsibility chreia. But de we hēmeis will devote ourselves proskartereō to ho prayer proseuchē and kai to the ho ministry diakonia of the ho word logos.” And kai the ho proposal logos pleased areskō the ho entire pas group plēthos, so kai they chose eklegomai Stephen Stephanos, a man anēr full plērēs of faith pistis and kai of the Holy hagios Spirit pneuma; also kai Philip Philippos and kai Prochorus Prochoros and kai Nicanor Nikanōr and kai Timon Timōn and kai Parmenas Parmenas and kai Nicolaus Nikolaos, a proselyte prosēlytos of Antioch Antiocheus. These hos they set histēmi before enōpion the ho apostles apostolos, · kai who prayed proseuchomai and laid epitithēmi their ho hands cheir on them autos. And kai the ho word logos of ho God theos continued to spread auxanō, and kai the ho number arithmos of ho disciples mathētēs increased plēthunō greatly sphodra in en Jerusalem Ierousalēm, and te a large polys group ochlos of ho priests hiereus became obedient hypakouō to the ho faith pistis.

And de Stephen Stephanos, full plērēs of grace charis and kai power dynamis, was doing poieō great megas wonders teras and kai signs sēmeion among en the ho people laos. But de there rose anistēmi up some tis of those ho of ek the ho synagogue synagōgē of the ho Freedmen Libertinos ( as it was called legō), both kai Cyrenians Kyrēnaios and kai Alexandrians Alexandreus, as kai well as those ho from apo Cilicia Kilikia and kai Asia Asia, disputing syzēteō with · ho Stephen Stephanos. 10 Yet kai they could ischuō not ou withstand anthistēmi the ho wisdom sophia and kai the ho Spirit pneuma with which hos he was speaking laleō. 11 Then tote they secretly talked hypoballō some men anēr into saying legō, “ We have heard akouō him autos speak laleō blasphemous blasphēmos words rhēma against eis Moses Mōysēs and kai · ho God theos.” 12 And te they incited synkineō the ho people laos and kai the ho elders presbyteros and kai the ho scribes grammateus, and kai they suddenly ephistēmi moved in and seized synarpazō him autos and kai brought agō him before eis the ho council synedrion, 13 and te they set histēmi up false pseudēs witnesses martys who said legō, · ho This houtos man anthrōpos does not ou stop pauō saying laleō words rhēma against kata · ho this houtos holy hagios place topos · ho and kai the ho law nomos, 14 for gar we have heard akouō him autos say legō that hoti this houtos Jesus Iēsous the ho Nazarene Nazōraios will destroy katalyō · ho this houtos place topos and kai will change allassō the ho customs ethos that hos Moses Mōysēs handed down paradidōmi to us hēmeis.” 15 And kai everyone pas who ho was sitting kathezomai in en the ho council synedrion, looking atenizō intently at eis him autos, saw · ho his autos face prosōpon like hōsei the face prosōpon of an angel angelos.

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