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28 And kai when we had escaped diasōzō safely , then tote we learned epiginōskō that hoti the ho island nēsos was called kaleō Malta Melitē. The ho native barbaros people showed parechō us hēmeis no ou · ho ordinary tynchanō kindness philanthrōpia, for gar they kindled haptō a fire pyra and welcomed proslambanō us hēmeis all pas, because dia it had begun to ephistēmi · ho rain hyetos · ho and kai because dia of the ho cold psychos. When Paul Paulos had gathered systrephō · de · ho a tis bundle plēthos of sticks phryganon and kai put epitithēmi them on epi the ho fire pyra, a viper echidna came out exerchomai from apo the ho heat thermē and fastened kathaptō onto · ho his autos hand cheir. When hōs · de the ho native people barbaros saw the ho creature thērion hanging kremannymi from ek · ho his autos hand cheir, they said legō to pros each allēlōn other , “ Certainly pantōs this houtos man anthrōpos is eimi a murderer phoneus, · ho and though he hos has escaped diasōzō from ek the ho sea thalassa, · ho justice dikē has eaō not ou allowed eaō him to live zaō.” But oun Paul ho shook apotinassō the ho creature thērion off into eis the ho fire pyr and suffered paschō no oudeis harm kakos. They ho · de were expecting prosdokaō that he autos was going mellō to swell pimprēmi up or ē suddenly aphnō fall katapiptō down dead nekros; but de when prosdokaō they autos waited prosdokaō a long time epi and kai saw theōreō no mēdeis misfortune atopos happen ginomai to eis him autos, they changed metaballō their minds and said legō that he autos was eimi a god theos.

Now de in en the ho region around peri · ho that ekeinos place topos were hyparchō fields chōrion belonging to the ho leading prōtos man of the ho island nēsos, by name onoma Publius Poplios, who hos welcomed anadechomai us hēmeis and for three treis days hēmera entertained xenizō us hospitably philophronōs. It happened ginomai that · de the ho father patēr of ho Publius Poplios lay katakeimai sick with bouts synechō of fever pyretos and kai with dysentery dysenterion. Paul Paulos visited eiserchomai him hos, · ho and kai when he had prayed proseuchomai, he laid epitithēmi his ho hands cheir on him autos and healed iaomai him autos. And de when this houtos happened ginomai, the ho rest loipos of the ho people on en the ho island nēsos who had echō diseases astheneia also kai came proserchomai and kai were cured therapeuō. 10 They hos also kai honored timaō us hēmeis with many polys honors timē, and kai when we were getting anagō ready to sail , they put epitithēmi · ho on pros board whatever ho we needed chreia.

11 After meta · de three treis months mēn we put out anagō to sea in en a ship ploion that had wintered paracheimazō at en the ho island nēsos, a ship of Alexandria Alexandrinos, with the “ Heavenly Twins Dioskouroi” as a figurehead parasēmos. 12 And kai when we put katagō in at eis Syracuse Syrakousai, we stayed epimenō there three treis days hēmera. 13 From there hothen we circled periaireō round and came katantaō to eis Rhegium Rhēgion; and kai after meta one heis day hēmera a south wind notos came epiginomai up , and on the following deuteraios day we arrived erchomai in eis Puteoli Potioloi, 14 where hou we found heuriskō brethren adelphos, and were invited parakaleō to stay epimenō with para them autos seven hepta days hēmera. And kai so houtōs we went erchomai toward eis · ho Rome Rhōmē. 15 And the ho brothers adelphos there kakeithen, when they heard akouō · ho about peri us hēmeis, came erchomai as achri far as the Forum phoron of Appius Appios and kai Three treis Taverns tabernai to eis meet apantēsis us hēmeis. On seeing them hos, · ho Paul Paulos gave thanks eucharisteō to ho God theos and took lambanō courage tharsos. 16 And de when hote we entered eiserchomai Rome Rhōmē, Paul Paulos was allowed epitrepō · ho to stay menō by kata himself heautou, with syn a soldier stratiōtēs · ho guarding phylassō him autos.

17 And de it happened ginomai that after meta three treis days hēmera Paul autos called synkaleō together the ho leaders prōtos of the ho Jews Ioudaios. And de when they autos gathered synerchomai, he said legō to pros them autos: “ My brothers anēr, though poieō I egō have done poieō nothing oudeis against enantion our ho people laos or ē the ho customs ethos of our ho fathers patrōos, yet I was delivered paradidōmi as a prisoner desmios from ek Jerusalem Hierosolyma into eis the ho hands cheir of the ho Romans Rhōmaios. 18 They hostis examined anakrinō me egō and wanted boulomai to release apolyō me, because dia · ho there was hyparchō no mēdeis basis aitia for a death thanatos sentence against en me egō. 19 But de when the ho Jews Ioudaios objected antilegō, I was compelled anankazō to appeal epikaleō to Caesar Kaisar, but not ou as hōs though I had echō some tis charge to bring against katēgoreō · ho my own egō people ethnos. 20 For dia this houtos reason , therefore oun, · ho I have parakaleō asked aitia to see you hymeis and kai speak proslaleō with you, since gar it is because of the ho hope elpis of ho Israel Israēl that I wear perikeimai · ho this houtos chain halysis.” 21 And de they ho said legō to pros him autos, “ We hēmeis have received dechomai no oute letters gramma from apo Judea Ioudaia about peri you sy, · ho nor oute have any tis of the ho brothers adelphos come from there paraginomai and reported apangellō or ē spoken laleō any tis bad ponēros about peri you sy. 22 But de we desire axioō to hear akouō from para you sy what hos you think phroneō, for gar with peri regard to · ho this houtos sect hairesis it is eimi known gnōstos to us hēmeis that hoti everywhere pantachou it is spoken antilegō against .”

23 When they had arranged tassō · de a day hēmera to meet with him autos, many polys came erchomai to pros him autos at eis his ho lodging xenia, and he expounded ektithēmi to them hos, testifying diamartyromai to the ho kingdom basileia of ho God theos and te trying peithō to convince them autos about peri · ho Jesus Iēsous both te from apo the ho Law nomos of Moses Mōysēs and kai from the ho Prophets prophētēs, from apo morning prōi till heōs evening hespera. 24 And kai some ho men were convinced peithō by what ho he said legō, but de others ho refused apisteō to believe . 25 And de not being eimi in harmony asymphōnos among pros themselves allēlōn, they departed apolyō after Paul Paulos made legō · ho one heis further statement rhēma. “ The ho Holy hagios Spirit pneuma · ho was right kalōs in saying laleō to pros your hymeis fathers patēr through dia Isaiah ēsaias the ho prophet prophētēs: · ho 26 “‘ Go poreuō to pros · ho this houtos people laos, and kai say legō, “ You will indeed hear akoē but kai never ou mē understand syniēmi, and kai you will indeed see blepō but kai never ou mē perceive”; 27 for gar the ho heart kardia of ho this houtos people laos has become dull pachunō, and kai they hear akouō with difficultly bareōs with their ho ears ous, and kai · ho their autos eyes ophthalmos they have closed kammyō, lest mēpote they should see with their ho eyes ophthalmos and kai hear akouō with their ho ears ous and kai understand syniēmi with their ho heart kardia and kai turn epistrephō, and kai I should heal iaomai them autos.’ 28 So oun let it be eimi known gnōstos to you hymeis that hoti this houtos salvation of ho God theos has been sent apostellō to the ho Gentiles ethnos; · ho even kai they autos will listen akouō.”

30 Paul lived emmenō there · de two dietia whole holos years in en his idios own rented misthōma house and kai welcomed apodechomai all pas who ho came eisporeuomai to pros him autos, 31 proclaiming kēryssō the ho kingdom basileia of ho God theos and kai teaching didaskō · ho about peri the ho Lord kyrios Jesus Iēsous Christ Christos with meta all pas boldness parrēsia, without hindrance akōlytōs.

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