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21 And de when hōs we had parted apospaō from apo them autos, we hēmeis put anagō out to sea and sailed on a straight course euthudromeō to eis · ho Cos, then de on the ho next hexēs day to eis · ho Rhodes Rhodos, and from there kakeithen to eis Patara Patara. And kai finding heuriskō a ship ploion bound diaperaō for eis Phoenicia Phoinikē, we went epibainō aboard and set anagō sail . We came in sight anaphainō of · de · ho Cyprus Kypros, and kai leaving kataleipō it autos behind on our port euōnymos side , we sailed pleō on to eis Syria Syria and kai landed katerchomai at eis Tyre Tyros, for gar there ekeise the ho ship ploion was eimi to unload apophortizomai its ho cargo gomos. After locating aneuriskō · de the ho disciples mathētēs, we stayed epimenō there autou seven hepta days hēmera; and they hostis kept telling legō · ho Paul Paulos through dia the ho Spirit pneuma not to set epibainō foot in eis Jerusalem Hierosolyma. When hote · de our hēmeis days hēmera there were ended exartizō, · ho we departed exerchomai and went poreuō on our journey , and they all pas, with syn wives gynē and kai children teknon, accompanied propempō us hēmeis until heōs we were outside exō the ho city polis. Then kai kneeling down tithēmi · ho on epi the ho beach aigialos, we prayed proseuchomai and said apaspazomai farewell to one allēlōn another . Then kai we went anabainō on board eis the ho ship ploion, and de they ekeinos returned hypostrephō to eis · ho their idios own homes.

And de having completed dianyō the ho voyage from apo Tyre Tyros, we hēmeis came katantaō to eis Ptolemais Ptolemais, and kai we greeted aspazomai the ho brothers adelphos and stayed menō one heis day hēmera with para them autos. On the ho · de next epaurion day we departed exerchomai and went erchomai to eis Caesarea Kaisareia. · kai There we went eiserchomai into eis the ho house oikos of Philip Philippos the ho evangelist euangelistēs, who was eimi one of ek the ho seven hepta, and stayed menō with para him autos. ( He houtos · de had eimi four tessares unmarried parthenos daughters thugatēr who prophesied prophēteuō.) 10 While we were staying epimenō · de for many polys days hēmera, a tis prophet prophētēs named onoma Agabus Hagabos came katerchomai down from apo · ho Judea Ioudaia. 11 · kai He came erchomai to pros us hēmeis and kai, taking airō · ho Paul’ s Paulos belt zōnē, · ho he tied deō his heautou own · ho hands cheir and kai feet pous · ho with it and said legō, “ The ho Holy hagios Spirit pneuma says legō this hode: · ho This is how houtōs the ho Jews Ioudaios will tie up deō in en Jerusalem Ierousalēm the ho man anēr whose hos belt zōnē this houtos is eimi, · ho and kai will deliver paradidōmi him into eis the hands cheir of the Gentiles ethnos.’” 12 When hōs · de we heard akouō this houtos, both te we hēmeis and kai the ho local entopios people urged parakaleō him autos not to go anabainō up to eis Jerusalem Ierousalēm. 13 Then tote Paul Paulos answered apokrinomai, · ho What tis are you doing poieō, weeping klaiō and kai breaking synthryptō my egō · ho heart kardia? For gar I egō am echō ready hetoimōs not ou only monon to be tied deō up but alla also kai to die apothnēskō in eis Jerusalem Ierousalēm for hyper the ho name onoma of the ho Lord kyrios Jesus Iēsous.” 14 And de since he autos would not be persuaded peithō, we fell silent hēsychazō, saying legō, “ Let the ho will thelēma of the ho Lord kyrios be done ginomai.”

15 After meta · de · ho these houtos days hēmera we got episkeuazomai ready and started anabainō up to eis Jerusalem Hierosolyma. 16 And de · kai some of the ho disciples mathētēs from apo Caesarea Kaisareia came synerchomai with syn us hēmeis, bringing agō Mnason Mnasōn of Cyprus Kyprios, an tis early archaios disciple mathētēs, with para whom hos we should lodge xenizō. 17 When we hēmeis arrived ginomai · de in eis Jerusalem Hierosolyma, the ho brothers adelphos welcomed apodechomai us hēmeis gladly asmenōs.

18 On the ho · de following epeimi day Paul Paulos went eiseimi · ho with syn us hēmeis to pros James Iakōbos, and te all pas the ho elders presbyteros were present paraginomai. 19 · kai After he greeted aspazomai them autos, he began to relate exēgeomai one hekastos by kata one heis what hos God theos had done poieō · ho among en the ho Gentiles ethnos through dia · ho his autos ministry diakonia. 20 And de when they ho heard akouō it, they began to praise doxazō · ho God theos. And te they said legō to him autos, “ You see theōreō, brother adelphos, how posos many thousands myrias of ho believers pisteuō there are eimi among en the ho Jews Ioudaios, and kai they are hyparchō all pas zealous zēlōtēs for the ho law nomos. 21 But de they were told katēcheō about peri you sy that hoti you are teaching didaskō all pas the ho Jews Ioudaios who are among kata the ho Gentiles ethnos to forsake apostasia Moses Mōysēs, telling legō them autos not to circumcise peritemnō their ho children teknon and mēde not to walk according to peripateō our ho customs ethos. 22 What tis then oun is eimi to be done? They will certainly pantōs hear akouō that hoti you have come erchomai. 23 Therefore oun, do poieō what hos we tell legō you sy. There are eimi with us hēmeis four tessares men anēr who have taken echō upon epi themselves heautou a vow euchē. 24 Take paralambanō these houtos men and purify hagnizō yourself along syn with them autos and kai pay their autos expenses dapanaō that hina they may shave xyraō their ho heads kephalē, and kai everyone pas will know ginōskō that hoti there is eimi nothing oudeis in what hos they have been told katēcheō about peri you sy, but alla that you yourself autos walk stoicheō · kai keeping phylassō the ho law nomos. 25 But de as peri for the ho Gentiles ethnos who have believed pisteuō, we hēmeis sent epistellō a letter with our judgment krinō that they autos should abstain phylassō from what ho has been sacrificed eidōlothutos to idols , and kai from blood haima, and kai from what has been strangled pniktos, and kai from sexual porneia immorality .” 26 Then tote · ho Paul Paulos took paralambanō the ho men anēr and on the ho next echō day hēmera he purified himself hagnizō with syn them autos and went eiseimi into eis the ho temple hieron, giving notice diangellō of the ho completion ekplērōsis of the ho days hēmera of the ho purification hagnismos, at heōs which hos time the ho sacrifice prosphora would be offered prospherō on hyper behalf of each hekastos one heis of them autos.

27 When hōs · de the ho seven hepta days hēmera were about mellō to be completed synteleō, the ho Jews Ioudaios from apo · ho Asia Asia, upon seeing theaomai him autos in en the ho temple hieron, stirred syncheō up the ho whole pas crowd ochlos and kai laid epiballō hands cheir on epi him autos, · ho 28 crying krazō out , “ Men anēr of Israel Israēlitēs, help boētheō! This houtos is eimi the ho man anthrōpos who ho is teaching didaskō everyone pas everywhere pantachē against kata our ho people laos, · kai our ho law nomos, and kai · ho this houtos place topos. And te besides eti, he eisagō even kai brought eisagō Greeks Hellēn into eis the ho temple hieron and kai has made this houtos holy hagios place topos unclean koinoō.” · ho 29 For gar they had eimi previously seen prooraō Trophimus Trophimos the ho Ephesian Ephesios in en the ho city polis with syn him autos, and they assumed nomizō that hoti Paul Paulos had taken eisagō him hos into eis the ho temple hieron. · ho 30 Then te all holos the ho city polis was stirred up kineō, and kai a mob syndromē of ho people laos quickly formed ginomai. · kai They seized epilambanomai · ho Paul Paulos and dragged him autos outside exō the ho temple hieron, and kai immediately eutheōs the ho gates thura were shut kleiō. 31 And te while they were trying zēteō to kill apokteinō him autos, a report phasis was sent up anabainō to the ho commanding chiliarchos officer of the ho detachment speira that hoti all holos Jerusalem Ierousalēm was in an uproar syncheō. 32 At once exautēs he hos took paralambanō along some soldiers stratiōtēs and kai centurions hekatontarchēs and ran katatrechō down to epi them autos; and de when they ho saw the ho commanding chiliarchos officer and kai the ho soldiers stratiōtēs, they stopped pauō beating typtō · ho Paul Paulos. 33 Then tote the ho commanding chiliarchos officer came up engizō and arrested epilambanomai him autos and kai ordered keleuō him to be tied deō up with two dyo chains halysis. Then kai he asked pynthanomai who tis he might be eimi and kai what tis he had eimi done poieō. 34 Some allos · de in en the ho crowd ochlos were shouting epiphōneō one allos thing tis, some another, and de since he autos was unable to find ginōskō out the ho truth asphalēs because dia of the ho uproar thorybos, he ordered keleuō him autos to be brought agō into eis the ho barracks parembolē. 35 When hote · de he got ginomai to epi the ho stairs anabathmos, Paul autos had to be symbainō carried bastazō by hypo the ho soldiers stratiōtēs because dia of the ho violence bia of the ho mob ochlos, 36 for gar the ho crowd plēthos of ho people laos kept following akoloutheō and shouting krazō, “ Away airō with him autos!”

37 As he was about mellō to be brought eisagō into eis the ho barracks parembolē, · ho Paul Paulos said legō to the ho commanding chiliarchos officer , “Is it allowed for me egō to say legō something tis to pros you sy?” He ho · de replied phēmi, “ Do you know ginōskō Greek Hellēnisti? 38 Then ara you sy are eimi not ou the ho Egyptian Aigyptios who ho prior pro to these houtos · ho days hēmera stirred anastatoō up a revolt and kai led exagō into eis the ho desert erēmos the ho four tetrakischilioi thousand men anēr of the ho Assassins sikarios?” 39 But de Paul Paulos replied legō, · ho I egō am eimi a Jew Ioudaios, from Tarsus Tarseus in ho Cilicia Kilikia, a citizen politēs of no ou obscure asēmos city polis. I beg deomai · de you sy, allow epitrepō me egō to speak laleō to pros the ho people laos.” 40 And de when he autos had given epitrepō him permission , · ho Paul Paulos stood histēmi on epi the ho steps anabathmos and motioned kataseiō with his ho hand cheir to the ho people laos. And de when there was ginomai a great polys hush sigē, he addressed prosphōneō them in the ho Hebrew Hebrais language dialektos, saying legō:

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