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20 After meta · de the ho uproar thorybos ceased pauō, Paul Paulos sent metapempō for · ho the ho disciples mathētēs, and kai after encouraging parakaleō them and saying aspazomai farewell , he left exerchomai for eis Macedonia Makedonia. When he had gone dierchomai through · de · ho those ekeinos parts meros and kai encouraged parakaleō them autos with many polys words logos, he came erchomai to eis · ho Greece Hellas. He spent poieō three treis months mēn there, and when a plot epiboulē was hatched ginomai against him autos by hypo the ho Jews Ioudaios as he was about mellō to set anagō sail for eis · ho Syria Syria, he decided ginomai to ho return hypostrephō through dia Macedonia Makedonia. · de Sopater Sōpatros, the son of Pyrrhus Pyrros from Berea Beroiaios, went with synepomai him autos, as de did Aristarchus Aristarchos and kai Secundus Sekoundos from Thessalonians Thessalonikeus, · kai Gaius Gaios a resident of Derbe Derbaios, · kai Timothy Timotheos, and de the Asians Asianos, Tychicus Tychikos and kai Trophimus Trophimos. These houtos men · de had gone proerchomai on ahead and were waiting menō for us hēmeis in en Troas Trōias. We hēmeis · de sailed ekpleō away after meta the ho days hēmera of ho Unleavened azymos Bread from apo Philippi Philippoi and kai joined erchomai pros the others autos in eis · ho Troas Trōias five pente days hēmera later achri, where hopou we stayed diatribō for seven hepta days hēmera.

On en · de the ho first heis day of the ho week sabbaton, when we hēmeis had gathered synagō to break klaō bread artos, · ho Paul Paulos addressed dialegomai them autos, and since he intended mellō to leave the ho next epaurion day , he continued parateinō his ho message logos until mechri midnight mesonyktion. There were eimi · de a number of hikanos lamps lampas in en the ho upper hyperōon room where hou we had eimi gathered synagō. And de a tis young neanias man , named onoma Eutychus eutychos, sitting kathezomai on epi the ho window thuris ledge , was sinking katapherō into a deep bathus sleep hypnos as Paul Paulos continued to speak dialegomai · ho on and on epi. Overcome katapherō by apo · ho sleep hypnos, he fell piptō from apo the ho third tristegon floor and kai was picked airō up for dead nekros. 10 But de Paul Paulos went down katabainō · ho and threw epipiptō himself on him autos, and kai putting symperilambanō his arms around him, said legō, “ Do not be alarmed thorybeō, · ho for gar his autos life psychē is eimi in en him autos.” 11 Then de Paul went anabainō back upstairs , and kai after he had broken klaō · ho bread artos and kai eaten geuomai, he spoke with homileō them a considerable time epi, until achri dawn augē, and so houtōs he departed exerchomai. 12 And de they took agō the ho boy pais home alive zaō and kai were encouraged parakaleō not ou a little metriōs.

13 We hēmeis, then de, went proerchomai on to epi the ho ship ploion and set anagō sail for epi · ho Assos Assos, where ekeithen we planned mellō to take analambanō · ho Paul Paulos on board ; for gar he had eimi made this houtōs arrangement diatassō, intending mellō himself autos to travel pezeuō by land . 14 When hōs · de he met symballō us hēmeis at eis · ho Assos Assos, we took analambanō him autos on board and continued erchomai on to eis Mitylene Mitylēnē. 15 And from there kakeithen we sailed apopleō away on the ho following epeimi day and arrived katantaō off antikrys the shore of Chios, the ho · de next heteros day we touched paraballō at eis Samos Samos, and de the ho day after echō that we went erchomai to eis Miletus Milētos. 16 For gar Paul Paulos had decided krinō · ho to sail parapleō past · ho Ephesus Ephesos, so hopōs that he autos might not have ginomai to spend chronotribeō time in en · ho Asia Asia, for gar he was hastening speudō, if ei it were eimi possible dynatos for him autos, to be ginomai in eis Jerusalem Hierosolyma for the ho day hēmera of ho Pentecost pentēkostē.

17 From apo · de · ho Miletus Milētos he sent pempō to eis Ephesus Ephesos, asking metakaleō the ho elders presbyteros of the ho church ekklēsia to come to him. 18 And de when hōs they came paraginomai to pros him autos, he said legō to them autos: “You yourselves hymeis know epistamai how pōs I lived ginomai among meta you hymeis the ho whole pas time chronos from apo the first prōtos day hēmera on apo which hos I set epibainō foot in eis · ho Asia Asia, 19 serving douleuō the ho Lord kyrios with meta all pas humility tapeinophrosynē and kai with tears dakryon, · kai enduring the trials peirasmos that ho fell symbainō on me egō by en the ho plots epiboulē of the ho Jews Ioudaios; 20 how hōs I did not hold hypostellō back · ho from proclaiming anangellō to you hymeis anything oudeis that ho would be helpful sympherō, and kai from teaching didaskō you hymeis publicly dēmosios · kai from house to house kata, 21 testifying diamartyromai both te to Jews Ioudaios and kai to Greeks Hellēn about · ho repentance metanoia toward eis God theos and kai about faith pistis in eis · ho our hēmeis Lord kyrios Jesus Iēsous. 22 And kai now nyn, compelled deō by the ho Spirit pneuma, I egō am going poreuō to eis Jerusalem Ierousalēm, not knowing oida what ho will happen synantaō to me egō there en autos, 23 except plēn that hoti the ho Holy hagios Spirit pneuma · ho testifies diamartyromai to me egō, saying legō that hoti in every kata city polis imprisonment desmos and kai persecutions thlipsis are waiting for menō me egō. 24 But alla I make poieō my ho life psychē of no oudeis account logos as of any value timios to me emautou, that hōs I may finish teleioō · ho my egō task dromos and kai the ho ministry diakonia that hos I received lambanō from para the ho Lord kyrios Jesus Iēsous, to testify diamartyromai to the ho good euangelion news of the ho grace charis of ho God theos.

25  And kai now nyn I egō know oida that hoti none ouketi of you will see horaō · ho my egō face prosōpon again, you hymeis among en whom hos I went dierchomai about proclaiming kēryssō the ho kingdom basileia. 26 Therefore dioti I testify martyromai to you hymeis this en · ho day sēmeron hēmera that hoti I am eimi innocent katharos of apo the ho blood haima of you all pas, 27 for gar I did not ou shrink hypostellō from announcing anangellō to you hymeis the ho whole pas purpose boulē of ho God theos. 28 Watch prosechō out for yourselves heautou and kai for all pas the ho flock poimnion in en which hos the ho Holy hagios Spirit pneuma · ho has placed tithēmi you hymeis overseers episkopos, to shepherd poimainō the ho church ekklēsia of ho God theos, which hos he purchased peripoieō with dia the ho blood haima of ho his own idios Son. 29 I egō know oida that hoti there will come eiserchomai to eis you hymeis after meta · ho my egō departure aphixis savage barys wolves lykos, not sparing pheidomai the ho flock poimnion. 30 Even kai from ek among your hymeis own group autos will men anēr arise anistēmi, speaking laleō distortions diastrephō of the truth, to ho draw apospaō the ho disciples mathētēs away after opisō them autos. 31 Therefore dio be alert grēgoreō, remembering mnēmoneuō that hoti for three trietia years , night nyx or kai day hēmera, I did not ou cease pauō warning noutheteō each hekastos one heis of you with meta tears dakryon. 32 And kai · ho now nyn I commend paratithēmi you hymeis to ho God theos and kai to the ho word logos of ho his autos grace charis, which ho is able dynamai to build oikodomeō you up and kai to give didōmi you an ho inheritance klēronomia among en all pas those ho who are sanctified hagiazō. 33 I have epithumeō not oudeis coveted epithumeō anyone’ s oudeis silver argyrion or ē gold chrysion or ē clothing himatismos. 34 You yourselves autos know ginōskō that hoti these houtos hands cheir of mine provided for hypēreteō · ho my own egō needs chreia as kai well as the needs of those ho with meta me egō. · ho 35 In all pas this I have hypodeiknymi shown you hymeis that hoti by working kopiaō in this way houtōs you must dei help antilambanō the ho weak astheneō, remembering mnēmoneuō the ho words logos of the ho Lord kyrios Jesus Iēsous, how hoti he himself autos said legō, ‘ It is eimi more mallon blessed makarios to give didōmi than ē to receive lambanō.’”

36 And kai when he had said legō these houtos things , he knelt down tithēmi · ho with syn them autos all pas and prayed proseuchomai. 37 And de there was ginomai much hikanos weeping klauthmos on the part of all pas, and kai they fell epipiptō on epi the ho neck trachēlos of ho Paul Paulos and kissed kataphileō him autos lovingly , 38 being saddened odynaō most malista of all because epi of the ho word logos he had spoken legō, that hoti no ouketi longer were they going mellō to see theōreō · ho his autos face prosōpon. And de they escorted propempō him autos to eis the ho ship ploion.

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