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18 After meta this houtos Paul departed chōrizō from ek · ho Athens and went erchomai to eis Corinth Korinthos. And kai finding heuriskō a certain tis Jew Ioudaios named onoma Aquila Akylas, a native genos of Pontus Pontikos, · ho recently prosphatōs come erchomai from apo · ho Italy Italia with kai his autos wife gynē Priscilla Priskilla because dia · ho Claudius Klaudios had commanded diatassō all pas the ho Jews Ioudaios to depart chōrizō from apo · ho Rome Rhōmē, he approached proserchomai them autos, and kai because dia he was eimi of the same homotechnos trade he stayed menō with para them autos and kai worked ergazomai, for gar they were eimi tentmakers skēnopoios by ho trade technē. And de he reasoned dialegomai in en the ho synagogue synagōgē every kata pas Sabbath sabbaton and te tried peithō to persuade Jews Ioudaios and kai Greeks Hellēn.

When hōs · de Silas Silas and kai Timothy Timotheos came katerchomai down from apo · ho Macedonia Makedonia, · ho · ho Paul Paulos was wholly absorbed synechō with preaching the ho word logos, · ho testifying diamartyromai to the ho Jews Ioudaios that Jesus Iēsous was eimi the ho Messiah Christos. But de when they autos opposed antitassō and kai reviled blasphēmeō him, he shook ektinassō out his ho garments himation and said legō to pros them autos, · ho Your hymeis blood haima be on epi · ho your own hymeis head kephalē! I egō am guiltless katharos. From apo · ho now nyn on I will go poreuō to eis the ho Gentiles ethnos.” And kai he left metabainō there ekeithen and went eiserchomai to eis the house oikia of one tis named onoma Titius Titios Justus Ioustos, a worshiper sebō of · ho God theos, whose hos · ho house oikia was eimi next synomoreō door to the ho synagogue synagōgē. Crispus Krispos, · de the ho ruler archisynagōgos of the synagogue , believed pisteuō in the ho Lord kyrios, together syn with his autos entire holos · ho household oikos; and kai many polys of the ho Corinthians Korinthios upon hearing akouō about it, believed pisteuō and kai were baptized baptizō. And de the ho Lord kyrios said legō to ho Paul Paulos during en the night nyx in dia a vision horama, “ Do not be afraid phobeomai, but alla go on speaking laleō and kai do not be silent siōpaō, 10 because dioti I egō am eimi with meta you sy and kai no oudeis one will lay epitithēmi a hand on you sy to ho do you sy harm kakoō, for dioti I egō have eimi many polys people laos in en · ho this houtos city polis.” 11 So de he stayed kathizō there a year eniautos and kai six hex months mēn, teaching didaskō among en them autos the ho word logos of ho God theos.

12 But de when eimi Gallio Galliōn was eimi proconsul anthypatos of ho Achaia Achaia, the ho Jews Ioudaios rose katephistamai up with one accord homothumadon against · ho Paul Paulos and kai brought agō him autos before epi the ho tribunal bēma, 13 saying legō, “ This man houtos is persuading anapeithō · ho men anthrōpos to worship sebō · ho God theos in a way contrary to para the ho law nomos.” 14 But de when Paul Paulos was about mellō · ho to open anoigō his ho mouth stoma, Gallio Galliōn said legō · ho to pros the ho Jews Ioudaios, “ If ei it were eimi a matter tis of wrongdoing adikēma or ē a serious piece ponēros of villainy rhadiourgēma, O ō Jews Ioudaios, it would an be reasonable kata logos for me to put anechōmai up with you hymeis. 15 But de if ei the questions zētēma are eimi about peri a word logos and kai names onoma and kai your hymeis own ho law nomos, see horaō to it yourselves autos. I egō do boulomai not ou wish boulomai to be eimi a judge kritēs of these matters houtos.” 16 And kai he drove apelaunō them autos from apo the ho tribunal bēma. 17 And de they all pas took epilambanomai hold of Sosthenes Sōsthenēs, the ho ruler archisynagōgos of the synagogue , and began to beat typtō him in front emprosthen of the ho tribunal bēma. But kai none oudeis of these houtos things were of concern melei to ho Gallio Galliōn.

18 · ho · de Paul Paulos, after remaining prosmenō there for a number of hikanos days hēmera, said farewell apotassō to the ho brothers adelphos and sailed ekpleō away to eis · ho Syria Syria, and kai with syn him autos were Priscilla Priskilla and kai Aquila Akylas. At en Cenchreae Kenchreai he had his ho head kephalē shaved keirō, for gar he had taken echō a vow euchē. 19 And de they went katantaō to eis Ephesus Ephesos, and he left kataleipō them kakeinos there autou but de he himself autos went eiserchomai into eis the ho synagogue synagōgē and reasoned dialegomai with the ho Jews Ioudaios. 20 When they autos asked erōtaō · de him to stay menō a longer polys time chronos, he would not ou consent epineuō 21 but alla bade apotassō farewell , · kai saying legō, “ I will come anakamptō back to pros you hymeis again palin, · ho God theos willing thelō.” Then he set anagō sail from apo · ho Ephesus Ephesos, 22 and kai when he touched katerchomai land at eis Caesarea Kaisareia, he went anabainō up and kai greeted aspazomai the ho church ekklēsia and then went katabainō down to eis Antioch Antiocheia. 23 · kai After spending poieō some tis time chronos there, he departed exerchomai and made dierchomai his way from kathexēs place to place through the ho Galatian Galatikos country chōra and kai Phrygia Phrygia, strengthening epistērizō all pas the ho disciples mathētēs.

24 Now de a tis Jew Ioudaios named onoma Apollos Apollōs, an Alexandrian Alexandreus by ho race genos, arrived katantaō in eis Ephesus Ephesos. He was an eloquent logios man anēr, well-versed dynatos eimi in en the ho Scriptures graphē. 25 He houtos had eimi been instructed katēcheō in the ho way hodos of the ho Lord kyrios; and kai being zeō fervent in ho spirit pneuma, he spoke laleō and kai taught didaskō accurately akribōs the ho facts about peri · ho Jesus Iēsous, though he knew epistamai only monon the ho baptism baptisma of John Iōannēs. 26 He houtos began archō to speak parrēsiazomai boldly in en the ho synagogue synagōgē, but de when they heard akouō him autos, Priscilla Priskilla and kai Aquila Akylas took proslambanō him autos and kai explained ektithēmi more accurately akribōs to him autos the ho way hodos of ho God theos. 27 And de when he autos wanted boulomai to continue dierchomai on into eis · ho Achaia Achaia, the ho brothers adelphos encouraged protrepō him and wrote graphō to the ho disciples mathētēs to welcome apodechomai him autos. When he hos arrived paraginomai there, he greatly polys helped symballō those ho who had come to believe pisteuō through dia · ho grace charis, 28 for gar he diakatelenchomai powerfully eutonōs refuted diakatelenchomai the ho Jews Ioudaios in public dēmosios, demonstrating epideiknymi by dia the ho Scriptures graphē that Jesus Iēsous was eimi the ho Messiah Christos.

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