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17 And when they had passed by Amphipolis and Apollonia, they came to Thessalonica, where was a synagogue of Jews.

And by custom Paul entered to them [Soothly after custom, Paul entered into them], and by three sabbaths he declared to them of the scriptures,

and opened, and showed that it behooved Christ to suffer, and rise again from death[a], and that this is Jesus Christ, whom I tell to you.

And some of them believed, and were joined to Paul and to Silas; and a great multitude of heathen men worshipped God, and noble women not a few. [And some of them believed, and were joined to Paul and Silas; and of heathen men worshipping a great multitude, and noble women not few.]

But the Jews had envy, and took of the common people some evil men, and when they had made a company [and a company made], they moved the city. And they came to Jason's house, and sought to bring them forth among the people [to the people].

And when they found them not, they drew Jason and some brethren to the princes of the city, and cried [crying], That these it be, that moved the world, and hither they came,

whom Jason received. And these all do against the commandments of the emperor, and say [And these all do against the commandments of Caesar, saying], that Jesus is another king.

And they moved the people, and the princes of the city, hearing these things.

And when satisfaction was taken of Jason, and of others, they let Paul and Silas go [they left them].

10 And at once by night brethren let [Paul and] Silas go into Berea. And when they came thither, they entered into the synagogue of the Jews. [Forsooth anon by night brethren sent Paul and Silas into Berea. The which when they came, entered into the synagogue of Jews.]

11 But these were the worthier of them [Soothly these were the nobler of them] that be at Thessalonica, which received the word with all desire, each day seeking [the] scriptures, if these things had them so.

12 And many of them believed and of heathen women honest [and of honest heathen women] and men not a few.

13 But when the Jews in Thessalonica had known, that also at Berea the word of God was preached of Paul, they came thither, moving and disturbing the multitude [they came also thither, moving and distroubling the multitude].

14 And then at once brethren delivered Paul [And anon brethren dismissed Paul then], that he should go to the sea; but Silas and Timothy dwelt there.

15 And they that led forth Paul, led him to Athens [led him unto Athens]. And when they had taken a commandment of him to Silas and Timothy, that full hieingly they should come to him, they went forth.

16 And while Paul abode them at Athens, his spirit was moved in him, for he saw the city given to idolatry.

17 Therefore he disputed in the synagogue with the Jews, and with men that worshipped God, and in the doom place [Therefore he disputed in the synagogue with Jews, and men worshipping, in the market, or doom place], by all days to them that heard.

18 And some Epicureans, and Stoics, and philosophers disputed with him [disputed, or treated, with him]. And some said, What will this sower of words say? And others said, He seemeth to be a teller of new fiends; for he told to them Jesus, and the again-rising.

19 And they took, and led him to Areopagus, and said, May we know [And they took and led him to Areopagus, that is, a common school, saying, Be we able to know], what is this new doctrine, that is said of thee?

20 For thou bringest in some new things to our ears; therefore we will know, what these things will be.

21 For all men of Athens and comelings harboured gave attention to none other thing, but either to say, either to hear [or to hear], some new thing.

22 And Paul stood in the middle of Areopagus, and said, Men of Athens, by all things I see you as vain worshippers.

23 For I passed, and saw your maumets [and saw your simulacra], and found an altar, in which was written, To the unknown God. Therefore which thing ye unknowing worship, this thing I show to you.

24 God that made the world and all things that be in it, this, for he is Lord of heaven and earth, dwelleth not in temples made with hand [made by hand],

25 neither is worshipped by man's hands, neither hath need of any thing [having need of any thing], for he giveth life to all men, and breathing, and all things;

26 and made of one all the kind of men [for] to inhabit on all the face of the earth, determining times ordained, and terms of the dwelling of them [and terms of habitation, or dwelling, of them],

27 to seek God, if peradventure they feel him, either find, though he be not far from each of you.

28 For in him we live, and move, and be. As also some of your poets said, And we be also the kind of him [Soothly we be also the kin of him].

29 Therefore since we be the kind of God, we shall not deem, that godly thing is like gold, and silver, either stone, either to graving of craft and thought of man.[b]

30 For God despiseth the times of this unknowing, and now showeth to men, that all every where do penance;

31 for that he hath ordained a day, in which he shall deem the world in equity, in a man in which he ordained, and gave faith to all men, and raised him from death [raising him from dead].

32 And when they had heard the again-rising of dead men[c], some scorned, and some said, We shall hear thee again of this thing.

33 So Paul went out of the middle of them.

34 But some men drew to him [Forsooth some men cleaved to him], and believed. Among which Dionysius Areopagite was, and a woman, by name Damaris, and other men with them [and others with them].


  1. Acts 17:3 opening and showing for it behooved Christ to suffer, and rise again from dead
  2. Acts 17:29 Therefore since we be the kin of God, we shall not deem, or guess, that godly thing is like to gold, or silver, or stone, to graving of craft and thought of man.
  3. Acts 17:32 Soothly when they heard the again-rising of dead