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15 Now kai some tis men came katerchomai down from apo · ho Judea Ioudaia and began to teach didaskō the ho brothers adelphos, “ Unless ean mē you are circumcised peritemnō according to the ho custom ethos of ho Moses Mōysēs, you cannot ou be saved sōzō.” And de when Paul Paulos and kai Barnabas Barnabas had ginomai no ou small oligos argument stasis and kai debate zētēsis · ho · ho with pros them autos, the brethren appointed tassō Paul Paulos and kai Barnabas Barnabas and kai some tis others allos among ek them autos to go up anabainō to eis Jerusalem Ierousalēm to pros the ho apostles apostolos and kai elders presbyteros regarding peri · ho this houtos issue zētēma. So oun being sent propempō on their way by hypo the ho church ekklēsia, they ho went dierchomai through · ho both te Phoenicia Phoinikē and kai Samaria Samareia, narrating ekdiēgeomai in detail the ho conversion epistrophē of the ho Gentiles ethnos, and kai brought poieō great megas joy chara to all pas the ho brothers adelphos. And de when they arrived paraginomai in eis Jerusalem Ierousalēm, they were welcomed paradechomai by apo the ho church ekklēsia and kai the ho apostles apostolos and kai the ho elders presbyteros, and te they reported anangellō all hosos that · ho God theos had done poieō with meta them autos. But de some tis arose exanistēmi · ho from apo the ho party hairesis of the ho Pharisees Pharisaios, believers pisteuō, and said legō, “ It is necessary dei to circumcise peritemnō them autos and te order parangellō them to keep tēreō the ho law nomos of Moses Mōysēs.”

The ho apostles apostolos and kai the ho elders presbyteros were gathered synagō to see about peri · ho this houtos matter logos. After there had been ginomai much polys · de debate zētēsis, Peter Petros stood anistēmi up and said legō to pros them autos, “ My brothers anēr, you hymeis know epistamai that hoti in apo days hēmera of old archaios God theos made a choice eklegomai among en you hymeis, · ho that through dia · ho my egō mouth stoma the ho Gentiles ethnos should hear akouō the ho message logos of the ho gospel euangelion and kai believe pisteuō. And kai · ho God theos, who knows kardiognōstēs the heart , confirmed martyreō this, by giving didōmi the ho Holy hagios Spirit pneuma · ho to them autos just kathōs as · kai he did to us hēmeis, and kai he made no outheis distinction diakrinō between metaxy us hēmeis and kai them autos, cleansing katharizō their autos hearts kardia by ho faith pistis. · ho 10 So oun now nyn why tis are you testing peirazō · ho God theos by putting epitithēmi a yoke zygos on epi the ho neck trachēlos of the ho disciples mathētēs, which hos neither oute · ho our hēmeis ancestors patēr nor oute we hēmeis have been able ischuō to bear bastazō? 11 But alla through dia the ho grace charis of the ho Lord kyrios Jesus Iēsous we believe pisteuō that we will be saved sōzō, in kata the same hos way tropos as those kakeinos also .”

12 And de the ho entire pas assembly plēthos fell silent sigaō, and kai listened akouō to Barnabas Barnabas and kai Paul Paulos recounting exēgeomai all hosos the signs sēmeion and kai wonders teras that God theos had done poieō · ho through dia them autos among en the ho Gentiles ethnos. 13 When meta · de they autos finished speaking sigaō, James Iakōbos replied apokrinomai, saying legō, “ My brothers anēr, listen akouō to me egō. 14 Simeon Symeōn has recounted exēgeomai how kathōs God theos first prōton · ho concerned episkeptomai himself about taking lambanō from ek among the Gentiles ethnos a people laos for ho his autos name onoma. 15 And kai with this houtos agree symphōneō the ho words logos of the ho prophets prophētēs, as kathōs it is written graphō, 16  After meta this houtos I will return anastrephō, and kai I will rebuild anoikodomeō the ho tent skēnē of David Dauid, which ho has fallen piptō, and kai I will rebuild anoikodomeō the ho ruins kataskaptō of it autos, and kai I will restore anorthoō it autos, 17 so hopōs that the ho rest kataloipos of ho men anthrōpos may an seek ekzēteō the ho Lord kyrios, namely kai, all pas the ho Gentiles ethnos on epi whom hos my egō name onoma has been called epikaleō, · ho says legō the Lord kyrios, who makes poieō these houtos things 18 known gnōstos from apo long aiōn ago .’ 19 Therefore dio I egō conclude krinō that we should not trouble parenochleō those ho from apo the ho Gentiles ethnos who are turning epistrephō to epi · ho God theos, 20 but alla should write epistellō to them autos to abstain apechō from the ho pollutions alisgēma of ho idols eidōlon, and kai from ho sexual porneia immorality , and kai from ho what has been strangled pniktos, and kai from ho blood haima. 21 For gar from ek ancient archaios generations genea Moses Mōysēs has had echō in kata every city polis those ho who proclaim kēryssō him autos, because he is read aloud anaginōskō in en the ho synagogues synagōgē every kata pas Sabbath sabbaton.”

22 Then tote it seemed dokeō good to the ho apostles apostolos and kai the ho elders presbyteros, together syn with the ho whole holos church ekklēsia, to send pempō men anēr chosen eklegomai from ek among them autos to eis Antioch Antiocheia with syn · ho Paul Paulos and kai Barnabas Barnabas Judas Ioudas · ho called kaleō Barsabbas Barsabbas, and kai Silas Silas, leading hēgeomai men anēr among en the ho brothers adelphos 23 writing graphō by dia their autos hand cheir, “From the ho apostles apostolos and kai · ho elders presbyteros, your brothers adelphos, to the ho Gentile ethnos brothers adelphos in kata · ho Antioch Antiocheia and kai Syria Syria and kai Cilicia Kilikia, · ho Greetings chairō! 24 Since epeidē we have heard akouō that hoti some tis from ek among us hēmeis have gone exerchomai out and troubled tarassō you hymeis with their words logos, unsettling anaskeuazō · ho your hymeis minds psychē we had given them hos no ou such instructions diastellō 25 it seemed dokeō good to us hēmeis, having reached ginomai agreement homothumadon, to select eklegomai men anēr to send pempō to pros you hymeis with syn · ho our hēmeis beloved agapētos Barnabas Barnabas and kai Paul Paulos, 26 men anthrōpos who have risked paradidōmi · ho their autos lives psychē for hyper the ho name onoma of ho our hēmeis Lord kyrios Jesus Iēsous Christ Christos. 27 Therefore oun we have sent apostellō Judas Ioudas and kai Silas Silas, and kai they autos will tell apangellō you the ho same things autos verbally dia logos. 28 For gar it seemed good dokeō to the ho Holy hagios Spirit pneuma · ho and kai to us hēmeis to impose epitithēmi on you hymeis no mēdeis further polys burden baros than plēn these houtos · ho essential epanankes requirements : 29 that you abstain apechō from meat eidōlothutos sacrificed to idols , and kai from blood haima, and kai from things pniktos strangled , and kai from sexual porneia immorality . If you keep diatēreō yourselves heautou from ek doing these hos things , you will do prassō well. Farewell rhōnnymi.”

30 So oun they ho were sent apolyō off and went katerchomai down to eis Antioch Antiocheia, and kai gathering synagō the ho entire plēthos group together, they delivered epididōmi the ho letter epistolē. 31 And de when they read anaginōskō it aloud , the people rejoiced chairō at epi its ho encouragement paraklēsis. 32 Both te Judas Ioudas and kai Silas Silas, also kai being eimi prophets prophētēs themselves autos, encouraged parakaleō and kai strengthened epistērizō the ho brothers adelphos with dia a long polys speech logos. 33 And de when they had spent poieō some time chronos there, they were despatched apolyō with meta a greeting of peace eirēnē from apo the ho brothers adelphos to pros those ho who had sent apostellō them autos. 35 But de Paul Paulos and kai Barnabas Barnabas continued diatribō on in en Antioch Antiocheia, teaching didaskō and kai preaching euangelizō the ho word logos of the ho Lord kyrios, with meta many polys others heteros also kai.

36 And de after meta some tis days hēmera Paul Paulos said legō to pros Barnabas Barnabas, “ Let us return epistrephō indeed and visit episkeptomai the ho brothers adelphos in kata every pas city polis in en which hos we announced katangellō the ho word logos of the ho Lord kyrios to see how pōs they are echō.” 37 Now de Barnabas Barnabas wanted boulomai to take symparalambanō with · kai them · ho John Iōannēs who ho is called kaleō Mark Markos. 38 But de Paul Paulos did not think axioō it wise to take with symparalambanō them this one houtos who ho had withdrawn aphistēmi from apo them autos in apo Pamphylia Pamphylia and kai had not gone synerchomai with them autos to eis the ho work ergon. 39 There arose ginomai · de a sharp paroxysmos disagreement , so hōste that they autos parted apochōrizō from apo one allēlōn another . · ho Barnabas Barnabas took paralambanō · ho Mark Markos and sailed ekpleō off to eis Cyprus Kypros, 40 but de Paul Paulos chose epilegō Silas Silas and departed exerchomai, having been commended paradidōmi to the ho grace charis of the ho Lord kyrios by hypo the ho brothers adelphos. 41 And de he traveled dierchomai through · ho Syria Syria and kai · ho Cilicia Kilikia, strengthening epistērizō the ho churches ekklēsia.

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