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From the ho elder presbyteros, to Gaius Gaios my ho dear brother agapētos, whom hos I egō love agapaō in en truth alētheia.

Dear friend agapētos, I pray euchomai that in peri every way pas you sy may prosper euodoō and kai be in good health hygiainō, just as kathōs your sy soul psychē is prospering euodoō. · ho For gar I rejoiced chairō greatly lian when the brothers adelphos came erchomai and kai testified martyreō to your sy fidelity to the ho truth alētheia, as kathōs indeed you sy do walk peripateō in en the truth alētheia. I have echō no ou greater joy chara than this houtos: to hina hear akouō that · ho my emos children teknon are walking peripateō in en the ho truth alētheia.

Dear brother agapētos, you are poieō faithful pistos in what hos you are doing ergazomai for eis the ho brothers adelphos, even though kai they houtos are strangers xenos. They hos have testified martyreō to your sy · ho love agapē before enōpion the church ekklēsia. You will do poieō well kalōs to help them hos on their way propempō in a manner worthy axiōs of ho God theos, because gar they set out exerchomai for the sake hyper of the ho Name onoma, accepting lambanō nothing mēdeis from apo · ho nonbelievers ethnikos. Therefore oun we hēmeis ought opheilō to show hospitality hypolambanō to ho such men toioutos, so that hina we may be ginomai coworkers synergos for the ho truth alētheia.

I sent graphō a tis letter to the ho church ekklēsia, but alla Diotrephes Diotrephēs, who ho likes to be in charge philoprōteuō, does not ou acknowledge epidechomai our hēmeis authority . 10 For dia this reason houtos, should ean I come erchomai, I will bring up hypomimnēskō the ho things ergon he is doing poieō, disparaging phlyareō us hēmeis with malicious ponēros talk logos. And kai not satisfied arkeō with epi that houtos, he autos refuses oute to welcome epidechomai the ho brothers adelphos. He kōlyō even kai prevents kōlyō those ho who would like to boulomai and kai puts ekballō them out of ek the ho church ekklēsia.

11 Dear friend agapētos, do not imitate mimeomai what ho is evil kakos but alla what ho is good agathos. The ho one who does good agathopoieō is eimi of ek · ho God theos; the ho one who does evil kakopoieō has not ou seen horaō · ho God theos. 12 Everyone pas has testified martyreō favorably regarding Demetrius Dēmētrios, and kai so has the ho truth alētheia itself autos. And de we hēmeis testify martyreō for him as well kai, and kai you know oida that hoti · ho our hēmeis testimony martyria is eimi true alēthēs.

13 I have echō many things polys to write graphō to you sy, but alla I do not ou wish thelō to write graphō with dia ink melas and kai pen kalamos. 14 But de I hope elpizō to see you sy in the near future eutheōs, and kai we will speak laleō face stoma to pros face stoma. 15 Peace eirēnē to you sy. The ho friends philos here send you sy greetings aspazomai. Greet aspazomai the ho friends philos there by kata name onoma.

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