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When Joab and the army came to the great rock at Gibeon, Amasa came out to meet them. Joab was wearing his ·uniform [military tunic], and at his waist he wore a belt that held his ·sword [dagger] in its ·case [sheath]. As Joab stepped forward, his ·sword [dagger] fell out of its ·case [sheath]. Joab asked Amasa, “·Brother [C term of endearment, but Amasa is also his cousin], is everything all right with you?” Then with his right hand he took Amasa by the beard to kiss him. 10 Amasa ·was not watching [did not notice; wasn’t on guard against] the ·sword [dagger] in Joab’s hand. So Joab ·pushed the sword into Amasa’s [L struck him in the] stomach, causing Amasa’s insides to ·spill [pour; gush] onto the ground. Joab did not have to stab Amasa again; he was already dead. Then Joab and his brother Abishai continued to ·chase [pursue] Sheba son of Bicri.

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