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16 Shimei son of Gera, a Benjaminite who lived in Bahurim, hurried down with the men of Judah to meet King David. 17 With Shimei came a thousand Benjaminites. Ziba, the servant from Saul’s family, also came, bringing his fifteen sons and twenty servants with him. They all hurried to the Jordan River ·to meet [arriving before] the king. 18 The people went across the ·Jordan [L ford] to help ·bring [escort] the king’s family back to Judah and to do whatever the king wanted. As the king was crossing the river, Shimei son of Gera came to him and ·bowed facedown on the ground [prostrated himself] in front of the king. 19 He said to the king, “My master, don’t hold me guilty. ·Don’t remember [Forget] the wrong ·I [L your servant] did when you left Jerusalem! ·Don’t hold it against me [Put it out of your mind]. 20 I know I have sinned. That is why I am the first person from Joseph’s ·family [L house; C that is, the first Israelite] to come down and meet you today, my master and king!”

21 But Abishai son of Zeruiah said, “·Shimei should die [L Should not Shimei die…?] because he cursed you, the Lord’s ·appointed king [anointed; 16:5–14]!”

22 David said, “·This does not concern [L What does this have to do with…?] you, sons of Zeruiah! Today you’re ·against me [my adversary]! No one will be put to death in Israel today. Today I know I am king over Israel!” 23 Then the king ·promised [vowed to] Shimei, “You won’t die [1 Kin. 2:8–9, 41–46].”

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