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2 Esdras 8:30-38 Common English Bible (CEB)

30 Don’t be angry at those who are esteemed lower than animals, but love those who have constantly hoped to honor you.

31 We and those before us have followed ways that lead to death, but it’s on account of us sinners that you are said to be merciful. 32 If you desire to have pity on us who have no good deeds to our credit, then you will be called compassionate. 33 The righteous who have many works laid up with you will receive a reward for their own works. 34 What are human beings that you should be angry with them, or a corrupt race that you should be irate with them? 35 In truth, no one born has not violated your commands, and no one who grew up has not sinned. 36 But this shows your goodness, Lord, when you have pity on those who have no stockpile of good works.

37 He answered me: “You have said some things correctly, and according to your words it will be done. 38 Indeed, I won’t think about the formation of sinners or their death or judgment or damnation,

Common English Bible (CEB)

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