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27 Here is a copy of the king's letter to the Jewish people:

King Antiochus to the Jewish leaders and all the Jews, greetings. 28 I hope that all is going well for you. I am in good health. 29 Menelaus has informed me of your desire to return home and attend to your own affairs. 30 So then, those of you who return home by the thirtieth of the month of Xanthicus may rest assured that you have nothing to fear. 31 You may continue to observe your food laws and other laws, as you used to do, and no Jew will be punished for any crime done in ignorance. 32 I am sending Menelaus to set your minds at ease. 33 May all go well with you. Dated the fifteenth day of the month of Xanthicus in the year 148.[a]

The Letter of the Romans to the Jews

34 The Romans also sent the Jews the following letter:

Quintus Memmius and Titus Manius, representatives of the Romans, to the Jews, greetings. 35 We are in complete agreement with all that has been granted to you by the honorable Lysias.

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  1. 2 Maccabees 11:33 the year 148: This corresponds to 164 B.C.

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