24 Then Jehu drew his bow(A) and shot Joram between the shoulders. The arrow pierced his heart and he slumped down in his chariot. 25 Jehu said to Bidkar, his chariot officer, “Pick him up and throw him on the field that belonged to Naboth the Jezreelite. Remember how you and I were riding together in chariots behind Ahab his father when the Lord spoke this prophecy(B) against him: 26 ‘Yesterday I saw the blood of Naboth(C) and the blood of his sons, declares the Lord, and I will surely make you pay for it on this plot of ground, declares the Lord.’[a] Now then, pick him up and throw him on that plot, in accordance with the word of the Lord.”(D)

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  1. 2 Kings 9:26 See 1 Kings 21:19.

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