He did what was right(A) in the eyes of the Lord, just as his father David(B) had done. He removed(C) the high places,(D) smashed the sacred stones(E) and cut down the Asherah poles. He broke into pieces the bronze snake(F) Moses had made, for up to that time the Israelites had been burning incense to it. (It was called Nehushtan.[a])

Hezekiah trusted(G) in the Lord, the God of Israel. There was no one like him among all the kings of Judah, either before him or after him. He held fast(H) to the Lord and did not stop following him; he kept the commands the Lord had given Moses.

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  1. 2 Kings 18:4 Nehushtan sounds like the Hebrew for both bronze and snake.

“Remember,(A) Lord, how I have walked(B) before you faithfully(C) and with wholehearted devotion and have done what is good in your eyes.” And Hezekiah wept bitterly.

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Psalm 26

Of David.

Vindicate me,(A) Lord,
    for I have led a blameless life;(B)
I have trusted(C) in the Lord
    and have not faltered.(D)
Test me,(E) Lord, and try me,
    examine my heart and my mind;(F)
for I have always been mindful of your unfailing love(G)
    and have lived(H) in reliance on your faithfulness.(I)

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12 If your sons keep my covenant(A)
    and the statutes I teach them,
then their sons will sit
    on your throne(B) for ever and ever.”

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