10 Thus Edom has been in revolt against Judah’s authority to this day. At that time Libnah revolted against his rule, because he had forsaken the Lord God of his fathers.

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Edom Mistreated His Brother

10 “For (A)violence against your brother Jacob,
Shame shall cover you,
And (B)you shall be cut off forever.
11 In the day that you (C)stood on the other side—
In the day that strangers carried captive his forces,
When foreigners entered his gates
And (D)cast lots for Jerusalem—
Even you were as one of them.

12 “But you should not have (E)gazed[a] on the day of your brother
[b]In the day of his captivity;
Nor should you have (F)rejoiced over the children of Judah
In the day of their destruction;
Nor should you have spoken proudly
In the day of distress.
13 You should not have entered the gate of My people
In the day of their calamity.
Indeed, you should not have [c]gazed on their affliction
In the day of their calamity,
Nor laid hands on their substance
In the day of their calamity.
14 You should not have stood at the crossroads
To cut off those among them who escaped;
Nor should you have [d]delivered up those among them who remained
In the day of distress.

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  1. Obadiah 1:12 Gloated over
  2. Obadiah 1:12 Lit. On the day he became a foreigner
  3. Obadiah 1:13 Gloated over
  4. Obadiah 1:14 Handed over to the enemy