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Now de concerning hyper the ho coming parousia of ho our hēmeis Lord kyrios Jesus Iēsous Christ Christos and kai our hēmeis assembling episynagōgē to epi him autos, we ask erōtaō you hymeis, brothers adelphos, not to be quickly tacheōs shaken saleuō out of apo your ho wits nous or mēde disturbed throeō, either mēte by dia a prophecy pneuma or mēte by dia a spoken word logos or mēte by dia a letter epistolē purporting hōs to come from dia us hēmeis, to the effect hōs that hoti the ho day hēmera of the ho Lord kyrios is already here enistēmi.

Let exapataō no one tis deceive exapataō you hymeis in kata any mēdeis way tropos; for hoti that day will erchomai not come erchomai unless ean the ho rebellion apostasia comes first prōton and kai the ho man anthrōpos of ho lawlessness anomia is revealed apokalyptō, the ho son hyios of ho destruction apōleia, who ho opposes antikeimai and kai exalts hyperairō himself above epi every pas so-called legō god theos or ē object sebasma of worship , so that hōste he autos takes his seat kathizō in eis the ho temple naos of ho God theos, proclaiming apodeiknymi that hoti he himself heautou is eimi God theos.

Do you not ou remember mnēmoneuō that hoti I told legō you hymeis this houtos while I was eimi still eti with pros you hymeis? And kai now nyn you know oida what ho is holding him in check katechō, so that eis he autos may be revealed apokalyptō at en · ho his heautou proper time kairos. For gar the ho mystery mystērion of ho lawlessness anomia is already ēdē at work energeō; however monon, the ho one who is now arti restraining katechō will continue to do so until heōs he is taken ginomai away ek mesos. And kai then tote the ho lawless one anomos will be revealed apokalyptō, whom hos the ho Lord kyrios Jesus Iēsous will destroy anaireō with the ho breath pneuma of ho his autos mouth stoma, and kai bring katargeō to an end with the ho splendor epiphaneia of ho his autos coming parousia. The ho coming parousia of the lawless one hos will be eimi according kata to the activity energeia of ho Satan Satanas, with en all pas kinds of false pseudos miracles dynamis, · kai signs sēmeion, and kai wonders teras, 10 and kai with en every pas kind of wicked adikia deception apatē for those ho who are perishing apollymi, because anti hos they did dechomai not ou accept dechomai the ho love agapē of the ho truth alētheia so as eis to be saved sōzō. 11 · kai For dia this houtos reason God theos will send pempō them autos · ho an active energeia delusion planē leading eis them autos to believe pisteuō the ho lie pseudos, 12 that hina they all pas may be condemned krinō who ho did not believe pisteuō the ho truth alētheia but alla took eudokeō pleasure in ho unrighteousness adikia.

13 But de we hēmeis ought opheilō always pantote to thank eucharisteō · ho God theos for peri you hymeis, brothers adelphos loved agapaō by hypo the Lord kyrios, because hoti God theos chose haireō you hymeis · ho as first fruits aparchē for eis salvation sōtēria, by en sanctification hagiasmos of the Spirit pneuma and kai belief pistis in the truth alētheia. 14 And kai he called kaleō you hymeis to eis this hos salvation through dia · ho our hēmeis gospel euangelion, that eis you might come to share peripoiēsis the glory doxa of ho our hēmeis Lord kyrios Jesus Iēsous Christ Christos.

15 So ara then oun, brothers adelphos, stand stēkō firm and kai hold krateō to the ho traditions paradosis that hos you were taught didaskō, either eite by dia what we said logos or eite what we hēmeis wrote epistolē.

16 Now de may · ho our hēmeis Lord kyrios Jesus Iēsous Christ Christos himself autos and kai · ho God theos · ho our hēmeis Father patēr, who ho has loved agapaō us hēmeis and kai given didōmi us eternal aiōnios encouragement paraklēsis and kai good agathos hope elpis by en grace charis, 17 encourage parakaleō your hymeis · ho hearts kardia and kai establish stērizō you in en every pas good agathos work ergon and kai word logos.

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