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This houtos, dear friends agapētos, is now ēdē the second deuteros letter epistolē I have written graphō to you hymeis ( in en both of them hos I have been trying to arouse diegeirō your hymeis pure eilikrinēs minds dianoia with en a reminder hypomnēsis) · ho to remember mimnēskomai the ho words rhēma spoken beforehand by hypo the ho holy hagios prophets prophētēs and kai the ho commandment entolē of the ho Lord kyrios and kai Savior sōtēr spoken through ho your hymeis apostles apostolos. Above all prōton you must understand ginōskō that hoti in epi the ho last eschatos days hēmera scoffers empaiktēs will come erchomai with en scoffing empaigmonē, following poreuō · ho their autos own idios lusts epithumia and kai saying legō, “ Where pou is eimi the ho promise epangelia of ho his autos coming parousia? For gar ever apo since hos our ho fathers patēr fell asleep koimaō, everything pas has gone along diamenō as it has houtōs from apo the beginning archē of creation ktisis.” For gar in maintaining thelō this houtos, they autos overlook the fact lanthanō that hoti by the ho word logos of ho God theos heavens ouranos existed eimi long ago ekpalai and kai an earth was formed synistēmi out of ek water hydōr and kai by means dia of water hydōr. By dia these hos the ho world kosmos of that time tote was destroyed apollymi, being deluged kataklyzō with water hydōr. But de by the ho same autos word logos the ho present nyn heavens ouranos and kai · ho earth have been eimi reserved thēsaurizō for fire pyr, kept tēreō for eis the day hēmera of judgment krisis and kai destruction apōleia of ho ungodly asebēs men anthrōpos. But de do not let this houtos one thing heis escape lanthanō your hymeis notice , dear friends agapētos, that hoti one heis day hēmera with para the Lord kyrios is as hōs a thousand chilioi years etos and kai a thousand chilioi years etos are as hōs a single heis day hēmera. The Lord kyrios is not ou late bradynō in fulfilling his ho promise epangelia, as hōs some tis regard hēgeomai lateness bradytēs, but alla is patient makrothumeō toward eis you hymeis, not willing boulomai that anyone tis should perish apollymi, but alla that all pas should come chōreō to eis repentance metanoia. 10 But de the Day hēmera of the Lord kyrios will come hēkō like hōs a thief kleptēs, in en which hos the ho heavens ouranos will pass away parerchomai with a rushing noise rhoizēdon, the elements stoicheion · de will melt lyō in the intense heat kausoō, and kai the earth and kai the ho works ergon in en it autos will be exposed heuriskō.

11 Since all pas these things houtos are thus houtōs to be dissolved lyō, what kind of people potapos ought dei you hymeis to be hyparchō in en holy hagios conduct anastrophē and kai godliness eusebeia, 12 waiting for prosdokaō and kai hastening speudō the ho coming parousia of the ho day hēmera of ho God theos, because of dia which hos the heavens ouranos will be set on fire pyroō and dissolved lyō, and kai the elements stoicheion will melt tēkō in the heat kausoō. 13 But de according to kata his autos promise epangelma we are waiting for prosdokaō new kainos heavens ouranos and kai a new kainos earth · ho in en which hos righteousness dikaiosynē will be at home katoikeō.

14 So then dio, dear friends agapētos, since you await prosdokaō these things houtos, strive spoudazō to be found heuriskō without spot aspilos or kai blemish amōmētos, at en peace eirēnē in him autos. 15 And kai consider hēgeomai the ho patience makrothumia of ho our hēmeis Lord kyrios as salvation sōtēria, just as kathōs also kai · ho our hēmeis dear agapētos brother adelphos Paul Paulos wrote graphō to you hymeis according to kata the ho wisdom sophia given didōmi to him autos, 16 as hōs · kai he does in en all pas his letters epistolē, speaking laleō in en them autos of peri these matters houtos, in en which hos are eimi some things tis hard to understand dysnoētos, things that hos the ho ignorant amathēs and kai unstable astēriktos distort strebloō to pros their autos own idios destruction apōleia, as hōs · kai they do the ho other loipos scriptures graphē. · ho

17 You hymeis therefore oun, dear friends agapētos, knowing this beforehand proginōskō, be on your guard phylassō that hina you are synapagō not led astray synapagō by the ho error planē of these ho lawless athesmos people and fall ekpiptō from ho your idios stable position stērigmos. 18 But de grow auxanō in en the grace charis and kai knowledge gnōsis of ho our hēmeis Lord kyrios and kai Savior sōtēr Jesus Iēsous Christ Christos. To him autos be the ho glory doxa both kai now nyn and kai in eis the eternal aiōn day hēmera. Amen amēn.

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