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In the same time Antiochus made ready the second going into Egypt.

Forsooth it befell, that by each city (or through all the city) of (the) men of Jerusalem, were seen by forty days [or for to be seen forty days], horsemen running about by the air, having golden stoles, and shafts, as companies of knights armed;

and courses of horses wisely set by orders, and assailings, or fightings together, for to be made nigh, and movings of shields, and multitude of helmeted men, with (unre)strained swords, and castings of darts, and shining of golden armours, and of all kind of habergeons (or breastplates).

Wherefore all men prayed, that the monsters, or wonders, tokens of things to coming, be converted [or be (al)together turned] into good.

But when false tiding [or false rumour] went out, as if Antiochus had gone out of life, Jason suddenly assailed the city, with men taken not less than a thousand [or (with) a thousand men taken to (there), not less]; and when (the) citizens fled to the wall together, and at the last the city was taken, Menelaus fled into the high tower.

Forsooth Jason spared not in slaying his citizens, neither he thought prosperity against (his) cousins; and he deemed it for to be most evil [or deeming (it) most evil], that he should take victories of (his) enemies, and not of (his) citizens.

And soothly he wielded not (the) princehood, but took confusion end of his deceits, or his espies, (or his treason); and he flew again, and went into (or unto) (the) Ammonites.

And at the last into (the) undoing of him, he was closed together of Aretas (or he was accused before Aretas), (the) tyrant of (the) Arabians, and flew [or fleeing] from city into city, and was odious to all men, as (an) apostate, or (a) forsaker of (the) laws, and abominable, as (an) enemy of (his) country and citizens, and was cast out into Egypt.

And he that had put out many of their country, perished in pilgrimage, and went [or going] to (the) Lacedaemonians, (or to the Spartans), as for cousinage to have there refuge.

10 And he that had casted away many unburied, is cast out both unwailed and unburied, and neither useth strange sepulchre, neither taketh part of (his) fathers’ sepulchre.

11 And when these things were done so, the king supposed, that (the) Jews should forsake fellowship; and for this he went out of Egypt with mad souls (or with a furious mind), and took the city soothly with armours, [or with arms, (or weapons)].

12 Forsooth he commanded to the knights, for to slay, neither [to] spare to men running against (or towards) (them), and to go up by houses, and strangle.

13 Therefore there were made slayings of young and elder, destroyings of women and children, and deaths of maidens and little children.

14 Forsooth in all three days, fourscore thousand were slain, forty thousand bound, forsooth not less sold;

15 but neither these things sufficed. Also he was hardy for to enter into the temple holier than all the land, by Menelaus leader (led by Menelaus), that was traitor of (or to) (the) laws and (to his) country.

16 And he touched unworthily, and defouled, taking in cursed hands the holy vessels, that were put (there) of (or by) other kings and cities, to (the) adorning and glory of the place.

17 Antiochus was so aliened (or alienated) from mind, or understanding, and beheld not, that, for (the) sins of men inhabiting, the Lord was wroth (for) a little (while) to the city; for which thing also despising befell about the place.

18 (Or) Else if it had not befallen them for to be wrapped in many sins, as Heliodorus, that was sent from king Seleucus for to rob the treasury, also this (man) anon (or at once) coming should be beaten, and forsooth put aback from (his) hardiness.

19 But the Lord chose not the folk for the place, but (the) place for the folk.

20 And therefore also that place was made partner of (the) evils of the people; afterward forsooth it shall be made fellow also of (the) goods, and it, that is forsaken in (the) wrath of Almighty God, again in reconciling of the great Lord, shall be enhanced with great glory.

21 Therefore Antiochus, when he had taken away a thousand and eight hundred talents of the temple, swiftly (re)turned again to Antiochia, and deemed him(self) for pride to lead the land for to sail [or deeming him(self) for pride to leading the land to sail], (and) the sea forsooth for to make journey, for (the) pride of (his) soul.

22 Forsooth he left also sovereigns, to torment the folk, in Jerusalem soothly Philip, of the kin of (the) Phyrgians, crueler than himself in manners, of whom he was ordained; [Forsooth he left provosts, to torment the folk, in Jerusalem soothly Philip, of the kin of Phyrgians, in manners crueler than himself, of whom he is ordained;]

23 forsooth in Gerizim, Andronicus and Menelaus, which more grievously than others lay on, [or annoyed, (or harmed)], (the) citizens. And when he was set against (the) Jews,

24 he sent an odious prince, Apollonius, with an host (of) two and twenty thousands, and commanded to him [or commanding to him] for to slay all of perfect age, (and) for to sell (the) women and young children.

25 Which when he came to Jerusalem, feigned peace, and rested till the holy day of sabbath. And then while (the) Jews held (the) holiday, or the holy day, he commanded his men for take armours, (or arms, or weapons), [Which when he came to Jerusalem, feigning peace, rested unto the holy day of sabbath. And then, the Jews holding holy day, he commanding his for to take arms,]

26 and (he) strangled all that came forth together to the spectacle, or (the) beholding; and he ran about the city with armed men, and slew a great multitude. [and he strangled together all that came forth together to the spectacle, or beholding; and he running about the city with armed men, slew a great multitude.]

27 Forsooth Judas Maccabeus, that was the tenth, went into (a) desert place, and there led life with men, among wild beasts in (the) hills; and [they] dwelt eating meat (or meals) of hay, lest they were partners of defouling.