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Therefore when the holy city was inhabited in all peace, laws also yet were best kept, for the faithfulness of Onias, (the) bishop [or for ordinance and piety of Onias, (the high) priest], and for souls hating evil things,

it was made, that both they kings and princes led the place worthy (to the) highest honour, and lighted the temple with (their) greatest gifts;

so that Seleucus, king of Asia, gave of his rents all (the) expenses pertaining to the service of (the) sacrifices.

Forsooth Simon, of the lineage of Benjamin, that was ordained sovereign [or provost] of the temple, when the prince of priests against-stood him, strove for to cast some wicked thing in the city.

But when he might not overcome Onias, he came to Apollonius, son of Thraseus, that in that time was duke of Celosyria and Phenice (who was then governor of Greater Syria and Phoenicia);

and told to him, that the treasury in Jerusalem was full with riches [or with monies] unnumberable; and that common riches be great, which pertain not to the reason (or to the account) of (the) sacrifices; forsooth that it was possible, that all things fall under (the) power of the king.

And when Apollonius had told to the king of (the) riches [or monies] that were borne in, he sent Heliodorus called, that was on (or over) his needs, with commandments for to bear out the foresaid money.

And anon (or at once) Heliodorus took the way, soothly by form as if he were to passing by Celosyria and Phenice cities (or as if he were visiting the cities of Greater Syria and Phoenicia), but in true thing to performing the king’s purpose.

But when he came to Jerusalem, and was received benignly of (or by) the highest priest in the city, he told of (the) doom given of the riches [or of monies], and opened for cause of what thing he came; forsooth he asked, if verily these things were so.

10 Then the highest priest showed, that these things were kept to the lifelodes, [or to the livelodes], (or for the livelihoods) of widows, and of fatherless either motherless children;

11 that some soothly were of Hyrcanus (son of) Tobias, a man full noble in these things, that unpious Simon had told; forsooth that all the talents of silver were four hundred, and of gold two hundred;

12 for that it was impossible on all manner, that they be deceived, that betook their things to be kept to the place and temple, that by (or in) all the world was honoured for his worshipping, (or for its distinction) and (its) holiness.

13 And he said, for these things that he had in commandments of the king, That in all kind those should be borne to the king. [And for these things that he had in commandments of the king, he said, in all kind them for to be borne to the king.]

14 Forsooth in the day ordained Heliodorus entered, to ordain of these things; forsooth there was not a little trembling through all the city.

15 Forsooth (the) priests casted themselves before the altar, with (their) priests’ stoles, and called to help from heaven him that gave (a) law of things put in keeping, (so) that he should keep those things safe to (or for) them that had put those [or that had put them] in keeping.

16 Now forsooth he that saw the cheer (or the face) of the highest priest, was wounded in soul; for the face and colour was changed, and declared the inward sorrow of (his) soul.

17 For some (or such) sorrowfulness was shed about to the man, and hideousness of (the) body, by which the sorrow of (his) heart was made known to men beholding.

18 Also other men gathered together flock-meal, and came out of (their) houses, beseeching with open beseeching, for that that the place was to coming into despite.

19 And (the) women were gird on the breast with hair-shirts, and flowed together by (or in) (the) streets; but and virgins, that were closed (up) (al)together, ran to Onias; others forsooth to the walls, some soothly beheld by (the) windows.

20 Forsooth all held forth hands into heaven, and besought; [Forsooth all holding forth hands into heaven besought;]

21 for there was a wretched abiding of (the) multitude mingled (or mixed), and of the highest priest ordained in strife, or anguish.

22 And these soothly called Almighty God to help, that things taken in keeping should be kept in all holiness, to (or for) them that had put those [or that had put them] in keeping.

23 Forsooth Heliodorus performed that thing, that he had deemed,

24 and he was present with his knights in the same place about the treasury. But the Spirit of Almighty God made great evidence of his showing, so that all that were hardy for to obey to him, fell down by (the) virtue (or the power) of God, and were converted into feebleness, [or unstrength], and inward dread.

25 For an horse appeared to them, and had a dreadful sitter (upon him), adorned with (the) best coverings; and he with fierceness rushed the former feet to Heliodorus (or and he rushed with fierceness at Heliodorus with his forefeet); forsooth he that sat on him, seemed [or was seen] for to have golden armours.

26 Also two other young men appeared, fair in virtue (or in strength), best in glory, and fair in clothing, that stood about him, and on each side scourged him without ceasing, and beat (him) with many wounds.

27 Soothly forsooth Heliodorus fell down to the earth, and they ravished him shed about with much darkness, and casted out him [or and casted him out], put in(to) a pack saddle, either (a) horse’s litter.

28 And he that entered with many runners and knights into the foresaid treasury, was borne, when no man helped him, for the open virtue (or the manifest power) of God was known;

29 and forsooth by God’s virtue he lay dumb, and (de)prived of all hope and health.

30 Forsooth these Jews blessed the Lord, for he magnified his place; and the temple, that a little before was full of dread and noise, is (now) filled with joy and gladness, for the Lord Almighty appeared. [Forsooth these blessed the Lord, for he magnified his place; and the temple, that a little before was full of dread and noise, the Lord almighty appearing, is (now) full-filled with joy and gladness.]

31 Then forsooth some of Heliodorus’ friends prayed anon (or at once) Onias, for to call to help the Highest, and for to give life to him, that was set in the last spirit.

32 Soothly the highest priest beheld, lest peradventure the king would suppose any malice fully done of (or by) (the) Jews about Heliodorus, and offered for (the) health of the man a wholeful or an healthful sacrifice. [Soothly the highest priest beholding, lest peradventure the king supposed any malice of Jews fully done against Heliodorus, he offered for health of the man an healthful sacrifice.]

33 And when the highest priest prayed, the same younglings, clothed in the same clothes, stood nigh [to] Heliodorus, and said, Do thou thankings to Onias, the priest; for why for him the Lord hath given life to thee;

34 thou soothly, that art scourged of (or by) God, tell to all men the great doings and power of God. And when these things were said, they appeared not.

35 Heliodorus soothly, when a sacrifice was offered to God, and great avows were promised to him, that granted him for to live, and did thankings, or thanks, to Onias; and when his host was received, he went again to the king. [Heliodorus soothly, a sacrifice offered to God, and great avows promised to him, that granted to him for to live, and doing thankings to Onias, his host received, went again to the king.]

36 Soothly he witnessed to all men (about) the works of (the) great God, which he saw under (or with) his (own) eyes.

37 Forsooth when the king asked Heliodorus, who was able to be sent yet once (again) to Jerusalem, he said,

38 If thou hast any enemy, either traitor of thy realm, send thither, and thou shalt receive him beaten, if nevertheless he shall escape; for some virtue (or power) of God is verily (or is truly) in the place [or for that in the place is verily some virtue of God].

39 For why he that hath dwelling in heavens, is (a) visitor and (a) helper of that place; and he smiteth and loseth (or destroyeth) them, that come to mis-do.

40 Therefore of Heliodorus, and (the) keeping of the treasury, thus the thing hath itself.