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12 when these covenants were made, Lysias went to the king; forsooth (the) Jews gave work to earth-tilling.

But these that dwelt, or were resident, Timothy (or Timotheus), and Apollonius, the son of Gennaeus, but and Jerome, and Demophon proud, and Nicanor, prince of Cyprus, suffered not them (or did not allow them) for to do (or to be) in silence and quiet, or rest.

Forsooth men of Joppa have done such a felony; they prayed (the) Jews with which they dwelt, for to go up, with (their) wives, and sons, into small boats, which they had made ready, as if none enmities lay privily among them.

Therefore by the common doom of the city, and for they accorded, and for (the) cause of peace, had nothing suspect, when they came into the depth, they drowned two hundred (of them), not less. [Forsooth after the common doom of the city, and them according, and for cause of peace, and having nothing suspect, when they came into deep, they drenched two hundred, not less.]

And as (or when) Judas knew (of) this cruelty done against (some) men of his folk, he commanded to (the) men that were with him;

and he called to help [or in-called] the just doomsman God, and he came against the slayers of (his) brethren, and by night he burnt the haven, he burnt the boats, (and) forsooth he slew by sword them that fled from the fire.

And when he had done these things, he went away, as again to (re)turning again, and utterly to destroying [or to destroy] all men of Joppa.

But when he knew, that also they that were at Jamnia would do in like manner to (the) Jews dwelling with them,

also to (the) Jamnites [or and (so) to the Jamnites] he above came by night, and burnt the haven, with (the) ships; so that the light appeared to Jerusalem from two hundred furlongs and forty (away).

10 When they had gone then from thence by nine furlongs [or When now they had gone thence by nine furlongs], and made journey to(wards) Timothy (or Timotheus), men of Arabia, five thousand men, and horsemen five hundred, joined battle with him.

11 And when (a) strong fight was made, and by (the) help of God it befell easily, or by prosperity, the residue of (the) men of Arabia, that were overcome, asked of Judas the right hands for to be given to them; promising themselves to give pastures, and to profiting in other things.

12 Forsooth Judas deemed verily (or truly) them (to be) profitable in many things, and promised (them) peace; and when they had taken right hands, they departed to their tabernacles (or to their tents). [Forsooth Judas deeming verily them profitable in many things, promised peace; and, the right hands taken, they departed to their tabernacles.]

13 Forsooth he assailed also some city (made) firm by bridges (or buttresses), and about-set (or set about) with walls, which was inhabited of (or by) companies of heathen men mingled (or mixed), both men and women, to which the name (of it) was Caspin.

14 Forsooth these that were within, trusted in the stableness of (the) walls, and in (the) apparel of foods, and did slacklier, stirring Judas with curses, either swearings, and blaspheming, and speaking which things it is not leaveful (or lawful) (to speak).

15 Soothly Maccabeus called to help [or in-called] the great Prince of the world, which without wethers, that be engines like wethers (or rams), and without engines, in the times of Jesus, either Joshua, casted down Jericho; and hurled fiercely to the walls,

16 and took the city by (the) will of the Lord, and did unnumberable slayings; so that the pool of standing water of two furlongs of (or in) breadth, seemed [or was seen] to flow with (the) blood of slain men.

17 From thence they went seven hundred and fifty furlongs, and came into Charax, to the Jews that be called Tubians.

18 And soothly they caught not Timothy (or Timotheus) in those places; and (or for) when no journey [or no need] was fully done, Timothy (re)turned again, while (a) most firm strength (or force) was left in a certain place.

19 Forsooth Dositheus and Sosipater, that were dukes with Maccabeus, slew ten thousand men left of Timothy in the strength (or left by Timotheus in the stronghold).

20 And Maccabeus ordained about him six thousand, and ordained by cohorts, or companies of knights, and went forth against Timothy (or Timotheus), having with him an hundred and twenty thousand of footmen, and of horsemen two thousand and five hundred.

21 Forsooth when the coming of Judas was known, Timothy (or Timotheus) before-sent (the) women, and sons, and (the) other apparel into a strength (or a stronghold) that is called Carnaim; for it was unable to be overcome, and hard in going-to, for (the) straitnesses of (the) places.

22 And when the first company of Judas appeared, dread was made [or in-smitten] to (the) enemies by (the) presence of God, that beholdeth all things; and they were turned into flight, one after another, so that they were cast down more of (or by) their own, and were feebled with strokes of their (own) swords.

23 Judas soothly continued greatly, punishing unholy men, and [he] casted down of them (about) thirty thousand of men.

24 Timothy (or Timotheus) soothly himself fell into the parts (or into the hands) of Dositheus and Sosipater; and he asked by many prayers, that he were delivered quick (or alive); for he had fathers, and mothers, and brethren, of many of (the) Jews, which it should befall for to be deceived by his death.

25 And when he had given faith, that he should restore them by covenant, [or after (the) thing ordained], they dismissed him unhurt, for (the) health (or the deliverance) of (their) brethren.

26 Forsooth Judas (re)turned again from Carnaim, after that he had slain five and twenty thousands.

27 After the flight and death of these, he moved the host to(wards) Ephron, (a) strong city, in which the multitude of diverse folks dwelt; and strong young men, standing together for (the) walls, strongly fought against (him); forsooth in this were many engines, and apparels of darts.

28 But when they had called to help the Almighty, that by his power all-breaketh (the) mights of (his) enemies, they took the city, and casted down of them that were within five and twenty thousand.

29 From thence they went to the city of Scythes (or Scythopolis), which was far from Jerusalem (by) six hundred furlongs.

30 Forsooth for these Jews that were with (the) Scythopolitans witnessed, that they were had of them benignly, yea, in times of adversity, and that they did mildly with them,

31 they did thankings to them; and also stirred from henceforth for to be benign against (or towards) their kin, and came to Jerusalem, when the solemn day of weeks nighed, [or the solemn day of weeks nighing], (or the Feast of Weeks approaching).

32 And after Pentecost, they went against Gorgias, (the) sovereign [or provost] of Idumea (or of Edom).

33 Soothly he went out with three thousand footmen, and four hundred horsemen;

34 and when they were assembled, it befell that a few of (the) Jews felled down.

35 Forsooth Dositheus, an horsemen of Bacenor, a strong man, held Gorgias; and when he would take him quick (or alive), an horseman of Thracia fell on him, and cutted off his shoulder, and so Gorgias flew into Marisa.

36 And when they that were with Gorgias (had) fought longer, and they were made weary, Judas inwardly called the Lord for to be made (their) helper, and duke (or the leader) of (the) battle;

37 and he began with (a) country voice (or in his own language), and with hymns raised (a) cry, and made the knights of Gorgias to flee.

38 Forsooth Judas with the host gathered, came into the city (of) Adullam; and when the seventh day came above, they were cleansed by [or after] (the) custom, and did (the) sabbath in the same place.

39 And in the day (pur)suing (or following), Judas came with his men, for to take away the bodies of (the) men cast down, and for to put (them) with (their) fathers, and mothers, in (the) sepulchres of (their) fathers.

40 Forsooth they found under (the) coats of (the) slain men, of the gifts of idols (or gifts for the idols) that were at Jamnia, from which the law forbiddeth (to the) Jews; therefore it was made known to all men, that they fell down for this cause [or (that) for this cause them for to have fallen (down)].

41 And therefore all blessed the just doom of the Lord, which made privy things known.

42 And so they converted (or turned) to prayers, and prayed, that that trespass that was done, were (or was) betaken to forgetting. And soothly the strongest Judas admonished the people, for to keep them(selves) without sin, seeing under (or right before) (their) eyes, what things were done for (the) sins of them that were cast down.

43 And when (a) collection was made, he sent twelve thousand drachmas of silver to Jerusalem, to be offered (as) a sacrifice for (the) sins of (the) dead men, and bethought well and religiously of (the) again-rising (or of the resurrection), [or well and religiously bethinking of (the) again-rising];

44 for if he hoped not, that they that fell should rise again, it was seen (as) superfluous and vain for to pray for (the) dead men;

45 and for he beheld, that they that took sleeping, or death, with piety, had best grace kept. Therefore holy and healthful thinking (it) is, for to pray for dead men, that they be released of (or from) (their) sins.