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11 But a little time after, Lysias, the procurator of the king, and kinsman, and sovereign of offices [or provost of needs], bare grievously of these things that befell,

and gathered fourscore thousands, and all the multitude of horsemen, and came against (the) Jews, and deemed himself [or deeming himself] to make the city taken a dwelling to (or for) (the) heathen men,

forsooth to have the temple into winning of money, as other temples of (the) heathen men, and (the) priesthood set to sale [or vendable] by each year;

and bethought not on the power of God [or not bethinking (on) the power of God], but in mind, or understanding, he was made without bridle, and trusted in (the) multitude of footmen, and in thousands of horsemen, and in fourscore elephants.

Soothly he went into Judea, and came nigh to Bethsura, that was in a strait place, from Jerusalem in (the) space of five furlongs, and fought against that strength (or that stronghold).

Soothly when Maccabeus, and they that were with him, knew that (the) strengths (or the strongholds) were impugned, with weeping and tears they prayed the Lord, and all the company together, for to send a good angel to the health (or for the deliverance) of Israel.

And Maccabeus himself took first armours, (or arms, or weapons), and admonished others to take together peril with him, and bear help to (or for) their brethren.

And when they went forth together with ready will from Jerusalem, an horseman, that is, an angel in the likeness of an horseman, or knight, appeared going before them in white cloth(es), in golden armours, and flourishing a shaft [or and golden armours, flourishing a shaft].

Then all together (they) blessed the merciful Lord, and waxed strong in souls (or grew confident); and were ready for to pierce not only men, but and most fierce beasts, and iron walls.

10 Therefore they went ready, having an helper of (or from) heaven, and the Lord having mercy on them.

11 Soothly by (or in) (the) custom of lions, in fierceness they hurled into (the) enemies, and casted down of them eleven thousands of footmen, and a thousand and six hundred of horsemen. Soothly they turned all (the others) into flight; [Soothly by custom of lions, in fierceness they hurling into enemies, casted down of them eleven thousand of footmen, and of horsemen a thousand and six hundred. Soothly they turned all (the others) into flight;]

12 forsooth many of them wounded, escaped naked, but and Lysias himself foully fleeing escaped.

13 And for he was not witless, he areckoned with(in) himself the making less done against him, and understood that (the) Hebrews be unovercome, and trust to (or in) (the) help of Almighty God; [And for he was not witless, he reckoning with himself the making less done against him, and understanding the Hebrews for to be unovercome, enforcing, (or endeavouring), or trusting, to help of almighty God,]

14 and he sent to them, and promised him(self) to consent to all things that be just, and to compel the king for to be made (a) friend (to them).

15 Forsooth Maccabeus granted to the prayers of Lysias, and counselled to profit in all things; and whatever things Maccabeus wrote of (the) Jews to Lysias, the king granted those things. [Forsooth Maccabeus granted to the prayers of Lysias, in all things counselling to profit; and whatever things Maccabeus wrote to Lysias of Jews, the king granted them.]

16 For why epistles were written to (the) Jews from Lysias, containing (or in) this manner. Lysias to the people of (the) Jews, health.

17 John and Absalom, that were sent from you, betook writs, and asked, that I should [ful]fill those things that were signified by them.

18 Therefore whatever things might be brought forth to the king, I expounded, and which the thing suffered, that is, was covenable (or suitable) and just, he granted.

19 Therefore if in needs ye [shall] keep faith, also from henceforth I shall enforce (or I shall endeavour), or attempt, for to be (the) cause of good things to (or for) you.

20 Of other things soothly I commanded by all words, both to these and to them that be sent of (or from) me, for to speak together with you.

21 Fare ye well. In the hundred year and eight and fortieth, in the four and twentieth day of the month Dioscorinthius [or the four and twentieth day of the month Dioscorinthius], that is, in June.

22 Forsooth the epistle of the king contained these things. King Antiochus to Lysias, brother, health.

23 For our father is translated among (the) gods, we will (or we desire) that they that be in our realm do without noise, and give diligence to their things;

24 we have heard that (the) Jews assented not to the father (or to our father), to be translated (or transferred over) to the custom of (the) Greeks, but will (or desire) [for to] hold their (own) ordinance, and that therefore they ask of us, that their lawful things be granted to them.

25 Therefore we will (or we desire) that also this folk be quiet, and have ordained and deemed, that the temple be restored to them, (so) that they should do by [or after] the custom of their greater men.

26 Therefore thou shalt do well, if thou shalt send to them, and shalt give (to them) (the) right hand; (so) that, when our will (or our desire) is known, they be in (or of) good comfort, and serve to their own profits.

27 Soothly to the Jews the king’s epistle was such. King Antiochus to the senate, or (the) elder men, of (the) Jews, and to other Jews, health.

28 If ye fare well, so it is as we will (or it is as we desire), but and we (our)selves fare well.

29 Menelaus came to us, and said, that ye will (or that ye desire to) go down to yours, that be with us.

30 Therefore to these that (shall) go together, we give right hands of secureness till to the thirtieth day of the month Xanthicus, that is, April,

31 (and) that (the) Jews use their (own) meats, and laws, as and before [or as before]; and no man of them in any manner suffer dis-ease (because) of these things, that be done by ignorance.

32 Soothly we sent also Menelaus, that shall speak to you.

33 Fare ye well. In the hundred year and eight and fortieth, the fifteenth day of the month Xanthicus,

34 also (the) Romans sent an epistle, having it thus. Quintus Memmius, and Titus Manlius, legates (or ambassadors) of (the) Romans, to the people of (the) Jews, health.

35 Of these things that Lysias, (the) cousin of the king, hath granted to you, also we granted.

36 Forsooth of which things he deemed to be told again to the king, anon (or at once) send ye some man; and speak ye among you diligentlier, (so) that we deem as it accordeth unto you. For we go to Antioch,

37 and therefore haste ye for to again-write, that and we know of what will ye be (or so that we know what your thinking, or your desire, is).

38 Fare ye well. In the hundred year and four and fortieth, in the fifteenth day of the month Xanthicus [or the fifteenth day of the month Xanthicus],