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24 I have dug wells
    and drunk foreign waters,
and I dried up with the sole of my foot
    all the streams of Egypt.’

25 “Have you not heard?
    Long ago I arranged it,
in ancient times I formed it;
    now I bring it to pass,
that you will turn impregnable cities
    into desolate heaps of stones.
26 Their inhabitants are powerless;
    they are terrified and ashamed.
They are like grass of the field
    and new vegetation,
grass on the roof tops,
    scorched before it stands.

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24 I have dug wells in foreign lands
    and drunk the water there.
With the soles of my feet
    I have dried up all the streams of Egypt.”

25 “‘Have you not heard?(A)
    Long ago I ordained it.
In days of old I planned(B) it;
    now I have brought it to pass,
that you have turned fortified cities
    into piles of stone.(C)
26 Their people, drained of power,(D)
    are dismayed(E) and put to shame.
They are like plants in the field,
    like tender green shoots,(F)
like grass sprouting on the roof,
    scorched(G) before it grows up.

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