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The ho elder presbyteros to the elect eklektos lady kyria and kai · ho her autos children teknon, whom hos I egō love agapaō in en truth alētheia ( and kai not ou I egō alone monos, but alla also kai all pas who ho know ginōskō the ho truth alētheia), because of dia the ho truth alētheia that ho abides menō in en us hēmeis and kai will be eimi with meta us hēmeis for eis all ho time aiōn: Grace charis, mercy eleos, and peace eirēnē will be eimi with meta us hēmeis, from para God theos the Father patēr and kai from para Jesus Iēsous Christ Christos the ho Son hyios of ho the Father patēr, in en truth alētheia and kai in love agapē.

I rejoiced chairō greatly lian because hoti I have found heuriskō some of ek · ho your sy children teknon walking peripateō in en the truth alētheia, just as kathōs we received lambanō commandment entolē from para the ho Father patēr. And kai now nyn I ask erōtaō you sy, dear lady kyria not ou as though hōs I were writing graphō a new kainos commandment entolē to you sy, but alla the one hos we have had echō from apo the beginning archē that hina we love agapaō one another allēlōn. And kai this houtos is eimi · ho love agapē: that hina we walk peripateō according to kata · ho his autos commandments entolē. This houtos is eimi the ho commandment entolē, just as kathōs you have heard akouō from apo the beginning archē, that hina you should walk peripateō in en it autos.

For hoti many polys deceivers planos have gone out exerchomai into eis the ho world kosmos, people who ho do not confess homologeō that Jesus Iēsous Christ Christos has come erchomai in en the flesh sarx. Any such person houtos is eimi the ho deceiver planos and kai the ho Antichrist antichristos! Be on your heautou guard blepō, so that hina we may not lose apollymi the things hos we worked for ergazomai but alla may receive apolambanō a full plērēs reward misthos. Everyone pas who ho goes on ahead proagō and kai does not continue menō in en the ho teaching didachē of ho Christ Christos, does echō not ou have echō God theos. Whoever ho continues menō in en the ho teaching didachē has echō both kai the ho Father patēr and kai the ho Son hyios. 10 If ei someone tis comes erchomai to pros you hymeis and kai does pherō not ou bring pherō this houtos · ho teaching didachē, do not receive lambanō him autos into eis your house oikia or kai give legō him autos any greeting chairō, 11 for gar the ho one who gives legō him autos a greeting chairō becomes a partner koinōneō in ho his autos evil ponēros deeds ergon. · ho

12 Although I have echō many polys other things to write graphō to you hymeis, I do not ou want boulomai to use dia paper chartēs and kai ink melas; instead alla, I hope elpizō to be ginomai with pros you hymeis and kai speak laleō face stoma to pros face stoma, so that hina · ho our hēmeis joy chara may be eimi complete plēroō.

13 The ho children teknon of ho your sy elect eklektos sister adelphē · ho send aspazomai you sy greetings aspazomai.

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