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Paul Paulos, an apostle apostolos of Christ Christos Jesus Iēsous by dia the will thelēma of God theos, and kai Timothy Timotheos our ho brother adelphos, to the ho church ekklēsia of ho God theos that ho is eimi at en Corinth Korinthos, with syn all pas the ho saints hagios who ho are eimi in en all holos · ho Achaia Achaia: Grace charis to you hymeis and kai peace eirēnē from apo God theos our hēmeis Father patēr and kai the Lord kyrios Jesus Iēsous Christ Christos.

Blessed eulogētos be the ho God theos and kai Father patēr of ho our hēmeis Lord kyrios Jesus Iēsous Christ Christos, the ho Father patēr of ho mercies oiktirmos and kai God theos of all pas encouragement paraklēsis, who ho encourages parakaleō us hēmeis in epi all pas · ho our hēmeis troubles thlipsis, so that eis we hēmeis may be able dynamai to encourage parakaleō those ho experiencing en any pas trouble thlipsis with dia the ho encouragement paraklēsis with which hos we ourselves autos are encouraged parakaleō by hypo · ho God theos. For hoti just as kathōs the ho sufferings pathēma of ho Christ Christos overflow perisseuō to eis us hēmeis, so houtōs also kai does the ho encouragement paraklēsis we receive hēmeis through dia · ho Christ Christos overflow perisseuō. If eite · de we are distressed thlibō, it is for hyper · ho your hymeis encouragement paraklēsis and kai salvation sōtēria; if eite we are encouraged parakaleō, it is for hyper · ho your hymeis encouragement paraklēsis that ho you experience energeō in en your patient endurance hypomonē of the ho same autos sufferings pathēma that hos we hēmeis also kai suffer paschō. And kai · ho our hēmeis hope elpis for hyper you hymeis is firm bebaios, because we know oida that hoti as hōs you share in koinōnos our ho sufferings pathēma, so houtōs also kai you will share in our ho encouragement paraklēsis.

For gar we do not ou want thelō you hymeis to be unaware agnoeō, brothers adelphos, about hyper the ho affliction thlipsis we hēmeis · ho suffered ginomai in en · ho Asia Asia, that hoti we were burdened bareō excessively kata hyperbolē beyond hyper our power dynamis to cope, so that hōste we hēmeis despaired exaporeō even kai of ho living zaō. Indeed alla, we autos had echō the ho sentence apokrima of ho death thanatos within en ourselves heautou, that hina we should eimi no longer trust peithō in epi ourselves heautou, but alla in epi the ho God theos who ho raises egeirō the ho dead nekros. 10 He hos delivered rhyomai us hēmeis from ek so great tēlikoutos a risk of death thanatos and kai will deliver rhyomai us. On eis him hos we have set our hope elpizō that hoti he will deliver rhyomai us yet eti again kai, 11 as you hymeis also kai join in helping synypourgeō us hēmeis by ho prayer deēsis, so that hina thanks may be given eucharisteō by ek many polys people prosōpon on hyper our hēmeis behalf hyper for the ho gracious gift charisma granted to eis us hēmeis through dia the help of many polys.

12 · ho For gar our hēmeis confidence kauchēsis is eimi this houtos, the ho testimony martyrion of ho our hēmeis conscience syneidēsis, that hoti with en simplicity haplotēs and kai sincerity eilikrineia like that of ho God theos, and kai not ou with en earthly sarkikos wisdom sophia but alla by en the grace charis of God theos, we conducted anastrephō ourselves in en the ho world kosmos, and de all the more perissoterōs toward pros you hymeis. 13 Now gar we are graphō not ou writing graphō you hymeis anything allos other alla than ē what hos you can read anaginōskō and ē also kai understand epiginōskō. But de I hope elpizō that hoti you will understand epiginōskō fully heōs telos, 14 just as kathōs also kai you have understood epiginōskō us hēmeis partially apo meros, that hoti we are eimi your hymeis source of pride kauchēma, as kathaper you hymeis also kai are ours hēmeis, in en the ho day hēmera of the ho Lord kyrios Jesus Iēsous.

15 And kai because of this houtos · ho confidence pepoithēsis, I was intending boulomai to come erchomai to pros you hymeis first proteros, so that hina you might have echō a second deuteros benefit charis 16 · kai through dia your hymeis help, to go dierchomai on to eis Macedonia Makedonia, and kai from apo Macedonia Makedonia to come erchomai back palin to pros you hymeis and kai to be helped by hypo you hymeis on my way propempō to eis · ho Judea Ioudaia. 17 Therefore oun when I was planning boulomai this houtos, I was chraomai not mēti · ho capricious elaphria, was I? Or ē the hos things I plan bouleuō, do I plan bouleuō according kata to the flesh sarx, so that hina with para me egō it would be eimi · ho Yes nai, yes nai and kai · ho No ou, no ou” at the same time? 18 But de as surely as God theos is trustworthy pistos, · ho · ho our hēmeis word logos · ho to pros you hymeis has not ou been eimi Yes nai and kai No ou.” 19 For gar the ho Son hyios of ho God theos, Jesus Iēsous Christ Christos, the ho one who was proclaimed kēryssō among en you hymeis by dia us hēmeis by dia me egō, · kai Silvanus Silouanos, and kai Timothy Timotheos was ginomai not ou Yes nai and kai No ou,” but alla in en him autos it has always been ginomai Yes nai.” 20 For gar all hosos the promises epangelia of God theos find their ho Yes nai in en him autos; and that is why dio · kai it is through dia him autos that we hēmeis say our ho Amen amēn to ho God theos for pros his glory doxa. 21 Now de God theos is the ho one who strengthens bebaioō us hēmeis, together with syn you hymeis, in eis Christ Christos, and kai has anointed chriō us hēmeis, 22 and who ho has also kai sealed sphragizō us hēmeis and kai given didōmi us his ho Spirit pneuma in en our hēmeis hearts kardia as ho a pledge arrabōn. · ho 23 I egō · de call epikaleō God theos as a witness martys · ho against epi · ho my emos soul psychē, that hoti it was to spare pheidomai you hymeis that I did erchomai not come erchomai again ouketi to eis Corinth Korinthos. 24 Not ou that hoti we are ruling kyrieuō over your hymeis · ho faith pistis, but alla we are eimi workers synergos with you for ho your hymeis joy chara; for gar by ho faith pistis you have stood histēmi firm .

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