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The Temple Furnishings

Moreover, he made a bronze altar 20 cubits long, 20 cubits wide and ten cubits high. He also made the Sea of cast metal ten cubits across from brim to brim, perfectly round. It was five cubits high and its circumference was 30 cubits.

Beneath it, figures like bulls were set all around it, ten cubits encircling the Sea. The bulls were in two rows, cast in one piece with it. The Sea stood on 12 bulls, three facing north, three facing west, three facing south, and three facing east. The Sea rested upon them and their hindquarters were all turned inward. It was a handbreadth thick, and the brim was like the brim of a cup, like a lily blossom. It held 3,000 vats. He also made ten basins for washing and placed five on the right side and five on the left. In them the items used for the burnt offering were rinsed, but the kohanim washed in “the Sea”.

Next he made the ten menorot[a] of gold in the manner prescribed for them and set them in the Temple, five on the right hand and five on the left. He also made ten tables and placed them in the Temple, five on the right side and five on the left. He also made 100 gold bowls.

Then he made the courtyard of the kohanim and the great courtyard and doors for the courtyard. He overlaid the doors with bronze. 10 He set the Sea on the south side at the southeast corner.

11 Huram also made the pots, the shovels and the bowls. So Huram-abi finished the work that he had undertaken for King Solomon in the House of God: 12 the two pillars, the bowls and the two capitals on the top of the pillars, and the two lattice-works to cover the two bowls of the capitals that were on the top of the pillars, 13 and the 400 pomegranates for the two lattice-works (two rows of pomegranates for each lattice-work to cover the two bowls of the capitals that were upon the top of the pillars). 14 He also made the stands, the basins upon the stands, 15 and the one Sea with the 12 bulls under it, 16 as well as the pots, the shovels and the meat hooks. All the utensils Huram-abi made for King Solomon for the House of Adonai were of polished bronze. 17 The king had them cast with clay earth from the Jordan Valley between Succoth and Zeredah. 18 Solomon made all these utensils in such great quantities that the weight of the bronze could not be determined.

19 Solomon also made all the furnishings that were in the House of God, including the golden altar, the tables on which was the Bread of Presence, 20 the menorot with their lamps of pure gold to burn in front of the inner sanctuary as prescribed 21 with the flowers and the lamps and the tongs of gold, the purest gold, 22 and the snuffers, the bowls, the spoons and the fire-pans of pure gold, and the doors of the House—the inner doors for the Holy of Holies and the doors of the House, that is, the Temple—were of gold.


  1. 2 Chronicles 4:7 Plural for menorah.